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So, You Are Considering a Valentine’s Day Wedding? – The Wedding Blog: Unique Ideas

So, You Are Considering a Valentine’s Day Wedding? – The Wedding Blog: Unique Ideas

The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

—William Lyon Phelps

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The amount of love in the air during weddings is so overwhelming you’d be very tough not to shed tears. But that’s not the only thing that’s overwhelming, is it? Well, you guessed right – planning! 

When it comes to weddings, the only thing you can be truly certain of is the Love you share with your sweetheart. Every other thing becomes the burden of your day wedding planner. And with us, you can relax. 

The 14th of February is filled with hearts, chocolates, letters of affection, flowers, and, most importantly, those we love and care about. Why not bring all that Love into your wedding? Since Valentine’s day is all about Love, which other day is more perfectly romantic to put a ring on it for life? 

You don’t have to be one of those who thinks Valentine’s Day weddings are corny. In fact, thinking like that is really corny. People will always have funny opinions until they realize how beautifully wrong they are – that’s why we are here! We’ll help you with the wedding coordination ideas. We are your day wedding planner!

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Valentine’s Day Top Wedding Tips

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Love is like a friendship caught on fire.”

—Jeremy Taylor

There’s a lot that goes into wedding coordination ideas on any day of the year, and planning for a 14th of February wedding can demand twice the job and expertise. Even though while using us you don’t have to worry about a thing in the planning, here are some creative wedding reception ideas you’ll want to know when considering a Valentine’s Day wedding:

You have to be sure to book a location early on, as you and your partner won’t be the only ones looking to tie the knot on that day. Pick someplace where you can light lots of candles to set the perfect mood for a late evening ceremony. As an alternative, you can look for a spot warm enough in February to allow for a Victorian greenhouse or a secluded garden decorated with lush flowers. Partial wedding planning is sometimes put in place when it comes to setting. 

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  • Wedding Attire for The Day

For Valentine’s Day, an old-fashioned look can never go out of style. It has and will always be romantic! You’ll love to pick a classic-style dress and tuxedo. Alternatively, you can go for the traditional white dress coupled with red accents. For your hair, you can wear it pulled back with red roses adorably pinned into your bun. Carry a bouquet overflowing with more red roses. Then your bridesmaid can wear a similar dress with different shades of pink with the groomsmen wearing red or similar shades of pink ties. You can as well get suggestions from your day wedding planner.

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There are tons of options for Valentine’s Day-themed cake to match
with the wedding coordination ideas. You will want to go with the traditional white cake laced with red and pink accents – a heart-shaped cake or only decorated with hearts. You have several options to explore and pick from as soon as you reach out to us!

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What will we do at weddings without flowers? Flowers are a symbol of romance and they come at the top of the list irrespective of your wedding ideas, which is why they must be in abundance. The challenge here is that roses are ridiculously expensive in February – you can guess why. However, there are other amazing options like pink and red tulips, freesia, and hydrangea.

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February is usually cold and wet, which is why photography for your Valentine’s day wedding requires extra planning. The best and safest option is to set up a photo station with abundant romantic props and confetti inside the wedding venue. Nevertheless, it might turn out to be your lucky day – a dry one on the 14th of February. Your day wedding planner also helps to bring out the best option irrespective of the weather. 

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Considering A Valentine’s Day Wedding

Final Thoughts

“Love is not something you feel. It is something you do.”

—David Wilkerson

The beauty of a Valentine’s Day wedding revolves around the Love you share with your partner coupled with the extra Love in the air. And the last thing you want is to overthink and get stressed about the planning. It takes courage to pick the 14th of February, and you’ve done that. As your day wedding planner, let us take away the stress and give you a lovely wedding!  

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