The word “fascinator” is often defined as “a fine, crocheted, knitted or lace triangle that was used as a shawl worn around the shoulders or as head covering”. But in this case a “hair fascinator” actually refers to the extravagant hair adornment, that sits somewhere between a simple hair accessory […]

You have chosen a wedding dress, veil and gloves; you already know what type of wedding bouquet you will have and what about the shoes? Have you already chosen the shoes that you are going to wear? Shoes are an equally important part of the bride’s styling. Some brides choose […]

Looking for inspiration for your wedding day bouquet? We’ve picked five favourites and questioned the talented Scottish florists behind them what influenced them. From seasonal florals and aromatic foliage to models motivated by a sense of spot, there’s heaps to get your creativeness flowing right here. Furthermore strategies for individuals […]