How to Make an Adorable Wedding Slideshow

How to Make an Adorable Wedding Slideshow

A wedding is a truly magical and special event in people’s lives.  But how to make it more special? Whether it’s your wedding or you are planning a wedding for your friends, we know how to make it touching. What do you think about creating a slideshow? You might enjoy the idea of sharing your love story and some lovely moments. 

If you want other people to adore it, you should make sure your slideshow is worth watching. Today, we’re going to give you some tips on how to create a memorable slideshow and leave other people in awe.

Pick Your Favorite Photos and Videos

Don’t try to pick random photos and videos for your slideshow. We highly recommend choosing carefully. Try to find different photos of your life stages and videos of you both to tell your story. Give preference to high-quality photos. 

Include key moments such as the first date or the first photo you took together.  And don’t forget to include photos of other people to make the slideshow more interesting!

Include Photos of Other People

Your life and your story are not just about the two of you. There have always been people around who helped you in difficult times and shared your successes and joys, or even helped you meet each other. This way you can thank your friends and parents, and show that you appreciate them.

Wedding Slideshow

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Find the Perfect Music

The right music sets the mood for the event. Try to find songs that will reflect you and your loved one, and remind you of those old days, the first meeting and other cute moments of your life. While viewing slides, you both will be touched to the core, and you will live those moments again.

If you have no idea what song to choose, you can find out from your friends what songs they associate with your couple. You can also find online a good list of the best wedding slideshow songs and pick the perfect one.

Find Inspiring Quotes

How about some lovely quotes to deliver your feelings? You can fill your slideshow with various wedding wishes to make your guests touched. It’s up to you what to write, formal wishes or some funny jokes. Find special quotes that will tell others about your love and feelings instead of you. 

If you can’t make up your mind and don’t know what to write, browse perfect ideas for wedding wishes to pick the best one for your slideshow. This will definitely cause your guests to have trembling feelings.

Keep It Short

Don’t try to make a slideshow that will last more than 20 minutes. Shorter is better and there are reasons for it. If you don’t want to make your guests get tired and lose interest, then a slide show that lasts around 10 minutes is a perfect decision. 

In addition to the duration, pay attention to the pace of it. Slides should be smooth, so your guests will be able to admire the photos and the videos and understand the message you want to convey.

Make It Unique

With a few ideas, you can make your slideshow memorable and creative. How about interviewing your friends about you both? It’ll be interesting to find out how your friends and family see your story as a couple. You can also include various childhood videos, especially if you grew up together. 

You can also direct your wishes to your friends and family, or even to each other. Ask them to write some warm words for you and include them in your slideshow. Let people leave a piece of themselves in your story.

Use the Right Software

If you want your slideshow to go smoothly, you should consider choosing the right wedding slideshow maker where you can do all of the above. It is important that the program is clear and does not cause difficulties during the creation of the slideshow. 

Now you know how to make a perfect slideshow and your day will be adorable. You can share your gratitude and feelings with guests, and make them feel your love by telling your love story. It remains only to implement these tips into life and make amazing slideshows. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide on how to make a wedding slideshow and make your wedding special.