Wedding Planning by the Zodiac – Capricorn

Wedding Planning by the Zodiac – Capricorn

Every astrological sign has its own unique characteristics. For brides, this means that their sign can influence how they plan their weddings. Brides born from the end of December to mid-January will be Capricorns. A Capricorn bride will be a great wedding planner, as she is practical and always thinks things through.

The sign for Capricorn is a goat, and it symbolizes that people born under this sign are as sure-footed as a mountain goat. You are not impulsive or reckless. Capricorns are born planners, and they are always willing to work to overcome obstacles. In fact, sometimes they can work a little too hard and forget to allow themselves relaxing downtime.

Status is often very important to a Capricorn bride. This means that you will want your wedding to be very elegant and expensive looking. Labels can be very important to Capricorns. The Capricorn bride will be happiest wearing a wedding gown from a well-known designer (and she will be sure to let the name slip out frequently!). If an expensive gown is your priority, you can balance your budget a little bit by shopping for sets of fabulous Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry instead of diamonds. You can find stunning handcrafted bridal jewelry sets that will give you the high end look that you crave without spending a fortune.

Capricorns tend to be naturally ambitious, and take great pleasure in having other people recognize your achievements. Grooms, this means that your fiancee will be very happy if you take the time to tell them what a fantastic job they are doing planning the wedding. She will be even happier if you mention to her how impressed your mother is at what she has pulled together!

Because status and recognition is so important to a Capricorn bride, she will want the details of her wedding to be luxurious. Capricorns will want to serve the finest brand of Champagne, order their invitations from a top-notch engraver, and give out favors that impress the guests. These things can be easier said than done, depending on your budget. It is important for the Capricorn to keep in mind that her guests are sure to be wowed by the total effect that she creates, and they will not be picking apart the details in the same way that she is. If you cannot afford to import five crates of Champagne from France, then serve your guests a top quality sparking wine. Everyone is there to celebrate your marriage, not to rate what is in their glass when they toast you.

One of Capricorn’s greatest strengths is her well-considered approach to any task. This is not going to be the bride that forgets to hire a band or who impulsively fires the caterer at the last minute and is left without any food for her reception. Everything that the Capricorn bride does will be meticulously planned to the last detail, so her wedding is sure to go off without a hitch.

Capricorn’s greatest weakness (besides getting too caught up in status symbols) is that she works so hard that she forgets to have fun. It is great to take your wedding planning responsibilities seriously, just don’t forget that your wedding is supposed to be fun. If you schedule in some time to relax and just enjoy your engagement, you will arrive at your wedding day feeling happy and refreshed, and because you are such a great planner, everything will still look perfect on the big day.