Top 10 Advantages of Silk Wedding Flowers

There will always be debate about the pros and cons of using artificial flowers at a wedding instead of cut flowers. Tradition is a hard thing to influence no matter the stakes. White wedding Dresses, Veils, Church Weddings have all come under fire at some point only to be knocked back but Silk Flowers have had some staying power. Reason wins out over tradition.

I think the primary reason for this is that Brides love to save everything they can from their wedding. Cut flowers do not lend themselves to this pursuit. Sometimes they do not even last to the reception. Who has not seen wilting carnations at a wedding?

The following are the top reasons why Silk Wedding Flowers are better that cut flowers:

  1. Silk Wedding Flowers last longer and are easier to preserve
  2. Silk Flowers are less expensive, traditionally saving a Bride more than 50% of her cost for flowers.
  3. Artificial Flowers can be prepared well ahead of time – leaving more time for time sensitive details to be taken care on the big day.
  4. Colors of Silk Roses, Tulips and Orchids are much more predictable than live flowers. Perfect for matching bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns
  5. Silk Wedding Flowers can be made to match each other more precisely. Because they are manufactured items, no need to worry about size variations and natural color variations.
  6. Buying a little extra will not break the bank. Not sure if you’ll have 40 tables or 42? Because of the cost savings, having a little extra on hand is usually not a worry.
  7. Artificial Flowers are always in season – it doesn’t matter if you want Silk Lilies in October or Silk Tulips in January. No need to worry if your favorite flower is in season.
  8. Variety abounds – There are thousands of choices including shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. The choices are near limitless
  9. Resale value – I know this seems like an odd reason, but the reality is that a wedding lasts a day. There are many of the floral piece that the bride will have no sentimental value for eBay and Craigslist provide a ready market for selling off the floral pieces you don’t want to keep.
  10. Recycle – Re-use. Okay maybe you don’t want to resell everything. I have seen lot’s of creative ideas for what to do with silk flowers for crafting, decorating gifts and even greeting cards. Browse the web for ways to use the Silk Flowers for Frames, Hats, Purses, etc. etc.

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