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About Asian Bridal Dresses

About Asian Bridal Dresses

Asia is one of the most populated and largest continents. It includes more than fifty (50) countries. All the countries vary in their traditions and customs, life styles and religions.

Here I would like to introduce some of the most prominent and important countries and their traditional dresses.

Pakistani Bridal Costumes: Pakistan has different traditions and customs from other countries. The old Pakistani traditional bridal dress is of red color. But still people of Pakistan like that traditional red color in bridal dress. Well, the bridal dresses are based on customs and traditions. Bride always buy her wedding costume of her own choice. A few famous Asian bridal dresses are lehenga, choli, gagra, sari and peshwas and so forth.

Indian Bridal Costumes: As we know that red and yellow color are very famous in India. So, like Pakistan red color is also famous there as a bridal wear. They think that red color will add personality in bridal looks. Well, wedding dresses are also change with the passage of time. Indian brides mostly used sari with heavy embroidery, golden and silver work. The bead or cut work on the wedding gown or suit is depends on the financial condition of the family.

Turkey’s Bridal Costumes: As a wedding gown, they use a special type of frock, which is highly embedded with Golden and silver coins. The Turkey’s wedding dress just resembles with the princess wear of olden times. And there is no restriction of color and fabric in it.

China’s Bridal Costumes: Chinese bride also like red color in wedding dress. As we know it adds prettiness in the personality of bride. Every wedding dress accepts changes with the passage of time. Their wedding costume is known as a Qi Pai.

All the Asian bridal dresses are same to some extent. Or we can say the Asian wedding dresses usually of a red color. more details visit now Asian Bridal Dresses