The Master Oil List – Anubis-Arrow

The Master Oil List – Anubis-Arrow

Anubis: Utilised when calling for the favours of the Egyptian god of embalming and the underworld.
This is useful when attempting to contact spirits of those who have passed over or when justice is called for or needed. For this task, dress a personal candle with the oil and write your request on a peace of parchment. Place the parchment under the candle and pray to convey your wishes, whilst burning the candle, let the candle burn down fully. This oil may be used in funerary rites to aid the passage of the dead.

Aphrodisia: A passion oil to be used sparingly. Use on self or lover etc.
To rouse great passion in another, draw a copy of the 5th pentacle of Venus (As in the greater key of Solomon.) Anoint with the oil and place it upon the person in secret, who you wish to rouse.

Aphrodite: A powerful love oil, Used almost mainly by women, as this is a powerful fertility enhancing oil. To use for attraction, anoint the self with 7 drops on each of the head, breasts, feet and hands, and this perfume will then attract men. Anoint the throat when invoking the help of the goddess.

Apple: To bring peace of mind, put ½ oz of this into your bath water. To bring yourself happiness, anoint a blue candle and burn daily.

Apple Blossom: Add to happiness or success inducing incense for greater potency.
Rub onto body for peace of mind and happiness. Add to bath water for relaxation and good feeling.

Apollo: Apply this oil when invoking the sun god, anoint a yellow/gold candle and use it for any purpose in his spheres of healing, success, hunting, poetry or the arts, and vengeance or retribution

Apricot: A wedding oil. To make sure that a marriage is successful, anoint a pink candle and burn 14 days before the wedding. If there is unhappiness in a marriage, then use it to bring the opposite.

Aquarius: Used only by Aquarians for success and potency in spell workings and on themselves. The best day to anoint oneself if you are Aquarius, is a Wednesday, as it is the ruling day.

Arabian Bouquet: Use this oil for spiritual cleansing. It may be used also for breaking hexes and crossed conditions.

Arabian Nights: A love and attraction oil. Use daily in bath water or on the body to attract friends. Anoint a red image candle to attract new lovers or to increase passion in your present one. (Not for use on your husband/wife!) Can be used in addition to love spells, potions, charms etc.

Arab-ka: A money drawing oil. Sprinkle around your place of business to generate more trade.
Good for those in the second hand market of goods, mix with grape oil and anoint 3 orange candles, burn these in 3’s and light at the same time.

Arab-ka Soudagar: Use as arab-ka oil, except it may be used in the home as well.

Archangel: Used for protection against evil entities, can be utilised to attract riches and fortune, Also to gain the help of angelic host’s etc.

Ares: An oil dedicated to the Greek god of battle and war. Use it for strength when needed, or throw on foe to cause them stress and strife. When invoking him at any time this may be used to anoint the self to aid your prayers.

Aries: Used by arians for extra power in rituals and in everyday life to make up for their shortcomings.

Arrow: Add this oil to all spell workings for added direction and focus, or anoint the temples for extra help when concentrating.