Celtic Wedding Rings – The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Wedding Rings

Celtic Wedding Rings – The Perfect Alternative to Traditional Wedding Rings

Buying the perfect set of wedding rings is a major part of any wedding. Considering that wedding rings are something that will be worn for the rest of a couple’s lives, it should be something that the both of you will enjoy wearing for a long time to come. With the varied selection of rings available in brick-and-mortar stores as well as on the Internet, it can be hard to make a decision to settle on one wedding ring design.

The first thing you should consider is what style of wedding ring you want. Traditional wedding rings may offer the latest trendy designs but often they are fashionable for the moment only. Ten years into your marriage, that trendy looking design you thought looked great may not look so great anymore. Celtic jewelry, in contrast, is designed with timeless elegance in mind. This is because the Celts have a rich history and tradition going back for centuries and the area of jewelry making and designing, in particular, is a timeless tradition carried on since the beginning.

The design of Celtic rings bring with it a deep significance that is hard to compare with in other wedding rings styles. Celtic designs have truly survived the test of time and are incredible works of art. Let’s take Claddagh ring designs as an example. The Claddagh wedding ring design consists of a heart (which symbolizes love) topped by a crown (which symbolizes loyalty) and are both held by two hands (which symbolizes friendship). Besides the significance of the Claddagh ring design, how a ring owner wears the ring also carries it’s own unique meaning. In the case when a ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward, it means that the wearer is available and unattached. If, however, the wearer wears it on the right with the heart turned inward, it means that the ring wearer is attached and unavailable. When the ring is worn on the left instead of the right hand with the heart turned inward, it shows the wearer is married. Try finding the same kind of significance in traditional wedding rings which are found in Celtic wedding rings.

After you have chosen the style of the wedding ring, selecting a perfect Celtic wedding band is much easier. Now, you have to consider your budget. Depending on what you can afford, you can choose the precious metal that will be used to make your wedding rings. Will it be yellow gold or white gold? There are also rings made out of platinum and titanium. As a quick guide though, yellow gold is the classic metal for wedding rings but white gold is stylish and goes with most outfits as well as silver or platinum jewelry. Platinum tends to be costlier and looks much like white gold. Titanium is a cheaper option to gold or platinum but it is best to avoid if budget allows.

Lastly, consider what precious stones will be used with the ring. Here, diamonds are the overall favorites as far as Celtic wedding rings are concerned. Diamonds are not only a woman’s best friend but are quickly becoming a man’s as well. Diamonds are the hardest stones around and can get increasingly expensive as a larger carat is chosen. While a larger diamond always looks much more impressive and accentuates your Celtic rings further, a smaller one will do fine as well if your budget only accommodates a smaller diamond.