Should Invitations Match My Wedding Colors?

Should Invitations Match My Wedding Colors?

Do invitations have to match wedding colors? Should they? What happens if they don’t match or you’re not sure about the best wedding color combinations yet?

Ah, so many questions.

should wedding invitations match my colors

by susan moyal

Don’t fret. We’re here to help! Today we’re answering a question from Leah who wants to know if her invitations have to match the wedding colors. She writes,

“Hi Emmaline Bride! I’m hoping you can help me with my wedding advice question. Do my wedding invites need to match my colors? I’m having trouble finding the right invitation style and then getting the colors to match seems like a chore. Please help!”

wedding invitations match colors

by susan moyal

Ah, this is a good question: I wondered the same thing when planning my wedding.

I suppose the quick answer to your question is, ideally, YES, your wedding invitations should match your wedding colors.

If you’re wondering where to buy wedding invitations that match your colors, my best advice is to browse these at Minted.

How to Shop Invitations by Wedding Colors

If you are just starting to browse your invites, we have some great news for you: you can easily shop for invitations that match your wedding colors at Minted here. They make it easy to buy invitations by color, simply by filtering certain shades.

In addition, you can select an invitation card you like. In this example, a floral hoop design by Erin Deegan features an ivory and burgundy palette.

do wedding invitations have to match your colors

by erin deegan

But when you click on another color, you can instantly see the new design in your favorite shade, as you can see below:

by erin deegan

It doesn’t stop there: you can customize the invitations to match your wedding colors exactly. Choose any color from the wheel: the possibilities are endless. To customize further, they offer a free service called Wedding Concierge — book an appointment free here — and an expert can show the next steps to coordinate your cards exactly how you like them.

via here

For instance, if you know you love burgundy, but you’re not sure about green, click on both colors to show examples of invitations in those shades.

Then, go from there: which one do you like more? Which invitation seems to suit your style and represents the feel you wish to reflect your upcoming wedding?

It can be easier to shop by color before you finalize anything. You can compare it to redecorating a room in your home: you wouldn’t necessarily choose the paint color and then try to find any kind of accessories that you like.

You would probably have better luck finding the accessories and furniture, throw pillows, or a cool rug that you like, and then choose a paint color that is shown in those accessories.

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It’s so much easier, IMO. 🙂

How to Get Started

Simply navigate to their wedding invitations section here. Then, find the FILTER portion; click on ‘Color’ and select the color or color(s) you want to use.

Then, click ‘DONE’ and the list will showcase invitations with those colors featured.

It’s that easy!

It’s also a great way to inspire you and see what colors you like! For instance, I chose ‘red’ for an example, and it came up with a beautiful collection of ‘reds’: everything from burgundies and maroons to bright and bold lipstick reds.

Prefer green? Let’s take a peek:

Try a palette of beautiful blues:

Or get a dose of bright + cheery yellow:

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It’s that easy! Try it yourself here.

Uh-Oh: I Don’t Know My Wedding Colors Yet!

Now, what if you’re not sure about colors? What if you just can’t find the right invitation style?

by petra kern

The question becomes: MUST your invitations match your colors? No!

Not necessarily.

If you get lucky enough to find wedding invitations you love that match your colors, great! Go for it. It means your entire theme and invitation suite will be in sync and very cohesive.

But if you found the most beautiful invitations and they do NOT match your colors, but still convey the proper tone, feel, and theme of your wedding, that’s OK. We do recommend staying away from completely different palettes, though. Err on the side of caution and opt for metallics like gold or silver, or simple black and white palettes, or go with a color you know you’ll use for sure — with a second complementing shade.

by stacey meachem

If Wedding Invites Do Not Match Colors

This happens. It’s ok! Your wedding won’t ensue chaos as a result. Ha! 😉

This actually happens quite often because couples can choose the invitations and order too early, then make changes later on, and, as you can imagine, re-printing invitations can be a waste of money and paper.

Or perhaps you thought you loved a certain shade of green, but later realized it was going to look slightly different, or the bridesmaid dresses needed to be a different color, or… the list goes on.

That’s A-OK. No worries there!

So, to recap:

• Try to find wedding invitations to match your colors.

If you are able to, great! If not, don’t stress.

• Focus your efforts on finding the most beautiful invitation first

Don’t simply choose an invitation solely based on the colors; even if the shades match your wedding palette, the design not convey a formal tone, theme, or aesthetic you’re going for, and that doesn’t make sense. So, don’t settle: go with your gut. 🙂

Completely Lost on Colors? Get Inspired!

And if you’re lost on colors at the moment, but you want to order invites, here’s a tip: you can also ALWAYS choose very minimalist, simple styles of invitations like this.

by kristie kern

Or these! I love the script font here:

by hooray creative

They go with everything and, hey, no need to worry about your color palette just yet. If you know it may change, a simple or minimalist style may be perfect for you when it comes to stationery.

Ready to get started? Click here to shop our favorite invitations of the moment.

Get a Wedding Concierge

Ready to take your invites to the next level? Match colors, get advice on complementing stationery pieces, and more when you book an appointment with a Wedding Concierge: use offer code CONCIERGE50 when you book! The free appointment will help you find a design and show you all the customization options for your stationery. If you’d like to upgrade, your concierge can set up your website for you as a nice bonus! Get started here! I wish this service was available when I got married.

book here

I hope this advice helps you to find a design that is perfect for your event!

Thanks for writing!


This is a post in collaboration with Minted.

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