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Here’s When To Send Out Bridal Shower Invites: The EXACT Date

Here’s When To Send Out Bridal Shower Invites: The EXACT Date

If you’re hosting a shower or know someone who is, you may be wondering when wedding shower invitations should go out in the mail.

When should I send bridal shower invitations? How far in advance do you mail bridal shower invitations? These are important questions to ask since you don’t want to send them too late… or too early.

when to send out wedding shower invitations

You want the exciting celebration to be fresh on the minds of your family and friends, so here’s the perfect time to send out invitations for a bridal shower.

When Wedding Shower Invites Should Be Sent

As a rule of thumb, bridal shower invitations should go out no later than six to eight weeks before the event. You should not mail invites sooner than 8 weeks prior or earlier than the 6 week mark unless one of the following applies:

Holiday Weekend

If the wedding shower takes place on a long holiday weekend, you can send the invites a few weeks early but never earlier than ten weeks before the celebration.

when to mail bridal shower invites

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Out-of-Town Guests

If many out of town guests will be in attendance, you may mail invitations eight to ten weeks before the shower.

when to send out bridal shower invitations

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Peak Season

If the bridal shower takes place during peak summer months, it is OK to send them out six to nine weeks before the shower. With graduation parties, vacations, Father’s Day, weddings, other showers and parties, you want to ensure guests have a heads-up ahead of time.

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When to Mail Bridal Shower Invitations by Date

Here’s a calculator so you know when to send out invitations based on the date of the shower.

Date of Wedding Shower Approx. When to Send Invitations
January 1 – 15 November 6 to November 20
January 15 – 31 November 20 to December 6
February 1 – 15 December 7 to December 21
February 16 – 28 December 22 to January 5
March 1 – 15 January 4 to January 18
March 16 – 31 January 19 to February 2
April 1 – 15 February 4 to February 18
April 16 – 30 February 19 to March 4
May 1 – 15 March 6 to 20
May 16 – 31 March 21 to April 4
June 1 – 15 April 6 to April 20
June 16 – 30 April 21 to May 5
July 1 – 15 May 6 to May 20
July 15 – 31 May 21 to June 4
August 1 – 15 June 6 to June 20
August 16 – 31 June 21 to July 5
September 1 – 15 July 7 to July 21
September 16 – 30 July 22 to August 5
October 1 – 15 August 6 to August 20
October 16 – 31 August 21 to September 4
November 1 – 15 September 6 to September 20
November 16 – 30 September 21 to October 5
December 1 – 15 October 6 to October 20
December 16 – 31 October 21 to November 4

What happens if you send invites too late or too early? Pandemonium?! No, it’s not quite that dramatic… but it’s good to keep these tips in mind. 🙂

• If you send invitations late, guests may not be able to come; furthermore, it will look like a last-minute party was thrown together

• If you send invites too early, guests may forget to RSVP or attend

best time to mail bridal shower invitations

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Other Notes to Keep in Mind:

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Change the Date

If the wedding shower date is changed for any reason, alert guests as soon as possible with a formal change the date card in the mail.

Now that you know when to send the invitations, pick out a design you love! You can browse styles from Minted here, whether you’re planning to spoil the bride with a shower or plan a couples’ shower with a fun theme for everyone to enjoy. You’ll have the proper invitation cards you need to send them out on time.

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Hope it helps!


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