Organize a Green Office Party

Christmas party, birthday party, acquaintance party or what have you, office parties are rarely ever eco-friendly. Like many shindigs nowadays, office parties accumulate lots of disposable plates and utensils, and are overloaded with junk food. But it’s never too late to throw a green office party and teach everyone to love the planet.

There are many ways to green inspire your next office get-together, find out some of them below:

Send electronic invitations – Forget fancy papers. Instead of posting flyers or handing out paper invitations, go online and send party alerts through email. There are also many online software that let you creatively customize an electronic invitation for free. Doing so preserves trees, and energy, too!

Never use paper decorations – Streamers, posters, and banners have nowhere to go but trash once the party is over. So think twice if you plan an all-green themed party. You can instead opt for natural materials, such as organically grown flowers, unique plants, etc. Another green idea for lighting is by using petroleum free candles, such as beeswax or soy candles. These natural candles don’t produce sooty smoke and emit pure, clean flame.

Go for a potluck – Ditch take outs and food deliveries. Instead of ordering food from your favorite fast food, ask your colleagues to bring a home-cooked dish, preferably organic cuisine. This is also an amazing way to somehow get a sense your colleagues’ tastes and cultures. There are many stainless steel food containers that you can use to conveniently pack and bring your favorite dish to the office.

Use washable plates, cups and utensils – Disposable plates, cups and utensils are sure way to quickly fill up a garbage can, creating more waste at any party. If you have a dishwasher at work, use washable dishes and cups made of sustainable materials, such as glass, stainless steel, and bamboo. If there’s none or not even a sink, buy recycled and biodegradable paper items and utensils.

Segregate and compost any food waste – Place a recycle bin somewhere readily seen and accessible, so that people will think twice before throwing any disposables. Ask your colleagues to collect their plates into a designated bucket to easily compost any food scraps. These food scraps aid in providing loads of nutrients to compost, which makes good natural fertilizer.

Use plant based cleaning agents – For after-party cleaning, be sure to use chemicals that are plant based. You can also mix your own using vinegar and baking soda solution, which eliminates odor, squeaky cleans, and makes surfaces shine. Say no to paper towels by all means, as you’ll perhaps consume an entire roll just for a single party. A better alternative is using reusable rags that can be rinsed afterwards.

For posh parties, be green with attire – It may be your annual, most-awaited Christmas party, but that doesn’t mean buying new clothes. Keep in mind that part of green living is maximizing what you already have. Simply mix and match your clothes; accessorize; or borrow from a fashionable friend. A trip to the thrift store is also a smart idea to grab some steal deals. Now, if you really need to shop for a new outfit, choose natural and organic fabrics

Exchanging gifts? Go for eco-friendly gift items – To really complete a green office party, ensure that all gifts are green inspired. There are tons of earth-friendly products on the market today, such as organic chocolates, bike, hemp reusable bags, and stainless steel lunch boxes, to list some.

It isn’t so hard to throw a green office party after all. Simply follow these eco-conscious guidelines above and you’ll surely have lots of green fun in your next office get-together.