How Flowers Inspire Us

Flowers bring joy. When you think of flowers, what images come to mind? Is it a vibrant bunch of red wildflowers growing through a white picket fence or a little girl rejoicing in a field while blowing Dandelions? The colors range from the purity of white roses to the vibrant violet-blue of the crocus. Of course, there are pretty pastel tulips in spring. Many love to spend a lazy day gathering multi-colored flowers in the field. Whatever memories the idea of flowers brings to mind, one thing is certain. Flowers inspire perfumes and appear in artistic creations and they certainly make an ideal gift.

Flowers Inspire Perfumes

Many perfumes are inspired by the smell of certain flowers. In fact, flower essences are a main ingredient of some perfumes. The actual flowers that are ingredients of each perfume are unknown, since fragrance creators do not reveal their special secrets. However, flowers are a very big inspiration for and part of many commercial perfumes today for their natural fragrant beauty.

Flowers Inspire Art

There are many paintings that depict flowers that are created by famous artists. In fact, the beauty of flowers has been the inspiration for many works by Monet as well as Vincent van Gogh. Many marveled over van Gogh’s picture of Sunflowers. Also, Georgia O’Keefe was known for many floral paintings, among them, the famously beautiful Red Poppy.

Flowers Make an Ideal Gift

Flowers make a perfect gift because everyone loves them. Anyone can be given a gift of flowers and it does not have to be a romantic gesture. It can be strictly friendship. For many others however, some red roses in a wicker basket with wine and glasses spell the essence of romance. Also, lovers long to wed amid the green grassy flowering gardens. Some even have fresh flowers decorating their three tier wedding cake.

The above explains how flowers inspire us as people. Whether it is our loyalty to our own windowsill potted flowers or another arrangement, people hold flowers dear for their beauty and charm. People of all ages love flowers. How little girls do love blossoms! They hold them in their hands and wear them in their hair. Many adolescents have experienced the relaxation of lying in a field of white airy dandelions. As for adults, the sight of flowers floating in an aromatherapy bowl next to a candle signals total relaxation and peace. Whether flowers are inspiring perfumes or appearing in art forms, flowers make an ideal gift for people of any age.