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Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Best Symbolize You

Bridal Shower Gifts That Will Best Symbolize You

When it comes to bridal shower gifts, people think it’s easy to choose – until the time comes that you really have to choose. Ideally, people will only get married once, and you want things to be perfect for that one special time. Bridal shower gifts, like other wedding favors, are something which should not be taken too lightly. They are lifetime tokens of how we want to be remembered during the last few moments of singlehood. It’s not about giving the most expensive gifts; it’s about giving gifts that will be most treasured.

The non-traditional personalized gifts are often the choice for those who wishes to keep the excitement and spirit of singlehood alive. These wedding favors are there as a source of entertainment and laughter for the bridal shower. In order to provide you some ideas for non traditional bridal shower gift, check out the list below:

– Mixed CD – The best collection of songs that best describe your friendship or the moments that brings special meaning to your friend and you. The songs that they listen to during their single life will bring fond memories to them and having a collection compiled by you will signify that the girly bonding between you and your friend will continue even in her marriage.

– Customized T-Shirts – These can be anything from faces, favorite cartoon characters or anything at all that can represent you and your guests. The fun T-Shirts can be used as a tool for a guessing game.

– Personalized Sweets – You can personalized just about anything these days and sweets are no exception. You can personalized candy bars, cupcakes or sweets and attach messages unique to each and everyone of the guests as well as the bride.

– Framed Photographs – Not just any photograph, select the ones which have you and the attendee from a memorable event. Make the frames funky and apt to the receiver’s personality.

– Name Plates – You can create funny or thoughtful name plates for your friends such as “Jane- fun, crazy, gorgeous” and they will definite bring warmth to their heart as well as tickle their fancy.

– Crazy Fortune Cookies – Making fortune cookies bear crazy and fun fortunes is great for bringing fun and laughter to your party. Imagine the look on your attendees face if the see messages such as “You still believe in Santa”.

If you want to keep things traditional and you believe that practicality is a much better asset than originality, these wedding favors may be what you are looking for. These gifts can be used everyday and will never be left in the attic to be forgotten.

– Kitchen Utensils or Appliances – Even if you don’t see the point in using them during your single days, you will need them once you start a family. Kitchen utensils are never useless as they will not just end up sitting on the shelf forever.

– Jewelry – Jewelry might sound expensive but they do not have to be. You must make sure that they are the kinds that your receiver will like and probably have significant meaning to them.

– Bags – Let’s face it, women love their bags. You can go for the more sophisticated ones to the simplest and less ornamented accessories. To make things more personalized, you can hide little gifts inside to show your love.

– Gift Baskets – A gift basket is certainly and interesting and fun gift because you can decide whatever you want to have in the basket from bath soaps, shampoos, perfumes, towels or even food. Start at any budget and have them designed as you want. They can also look elegant and expensive.

Whatever the gift that you decide to give during your bridal shower will mean a lot to your real friends. You have shared so much with them and now, you also want to share the joy you feel by presenting them with wonderful gifts that comes straight from your heart. You must remember that it’s not the price tag that counts but the sentimental value the gifts carry and how you have used your creativity to incorporate your personality into the gift as well as your friends’.