Diamond Wedding Bands – Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands – Wedding Bands

Most customers are absolutely clueless of what to look for when choosing and buying diamond wedding bands. All qualities look alike except designs and styles. There are hundreds of bands to choose from in various price range, colors and quality. It is overwhelming but nonetheless with some knowledge about diamonds can help decide better and make a right perfect buy!

Both men and women prefer to have unique and stylish bands that suit their fashion tastes and lifestyles at affordable prices.

In fact, in the ever-changing fashion world of jewelry, these wedding bands attempted to do something that had not been done earlier in the past. Designers made the setting of diamonds in bands in such a way that with high polished beads of white gold or platinum that couldn’t be distinguished from the stone itself. As a result it gave the kind of effect that it would end up looking like a very feminine and yet petite. The look was awesome appearing as micro-thin row of diamonds in a band.

The design of the diamond wedding bands may be different from the single studded band, which is a mixture of Celtic knots. They are stylish and fashionable, yet giving unique and elegant class of look as a stand-alone piece of jewelry on the fingers.

When buying these bands one should not forget the true characteristics of diamonds and methods of evaluation – cut, color, carat, clarity and shape.

Today, the round cut diamond is the most preferred type of diamond wedding band. Many people invest in diamonds that match their personal taste, personality and lifestyle. A small, petite woman may prefer dainty channel-set hoops, while a tall, statuesque lady might wear large, round studs. Because diamonds last a lifetime and are women’s best friends it must define the persona of a wearer.

Princess cut and round brilliant diamonds are some of the most desirable stones. Despite their popularity, they look strikingly different. Channel set diamond wedding bands became very popular and with new micro-wall setting these have become the top biggest selling item now.