The Exciting Opportunity to Move South to Historic Charleston, SC

The Exciting Opportunity to Move South to Historic Charleston, SC

Let’s admit it, no matter how excited we can be to relocate to a new city, the process of moving itself can be such a hassle. Once you sign over your house to its new buyer the following weeks can be a whirlwind of activity that consumes your thoughts and time. Moving boxes start to form mountains in each room, some accounts are canceled while new ones are created, and goodbye parties are given in your honor. But wait, what did you say you are moving to Charleston, South Carolina? Well, that is a whole different story in itself!

Established in 1670 under the name of Charles Towne, it was governed by eight of King Charles II most loyal friends and, over the ensuing centuries, transformed itself into a thriving hub of business and pleasure. While the 21st century has named Charleston one of the top ten cities to visit on the East Coast (as rated by Conde Nast readers) it has managed to retain its Old World charm while catering to all of the modern needs of its visitors and residents. Gorgeous estate homes are just a short pedicab ride away from restaurants, museums, art galleries, and some of the finest shopping that can be found in the US.

This southern city wouldn’t have been rated so highly without the people who populate it. Named as the “best-mannered city” by etiquette expert Marjabelle Young Stewart the heart of the city can be seen walking around King Street, laying about on its beaches, and shopping at the Farmer’s Market downtown every Saturday. Infused with Southern charm, the people of Charleston are as eager to meet you as to bag your groceries, fill your prescription, and open the door to your new home. Things might move a little more slowly in the south but it is only because its people are big on enjoying life; when the weather is so beautiful year-round, how could you not help but wake up with a smile on your face each morning?

Your children will be smiling as well when they realize all of the amazing things they get to see and do in their new home city. Love the water, you’ll thank your Charleston Movers. Hit the beach (there are three!) and learn how to surf. Or you could spend all day visiting the Children’s Museum downtown, hitting the rock climbing wall in the James Island County Park, and watching the latest IMAX movie in 4D at the aquarium. You might even feel like a kid again, giddy with all of the possibilities that Charleston holds for you and your family.

So, back to packing boxes. And boxes, and more boxes. Moving day is finally here and you have chosen a company that not only prides itself on carefully delivering your precious items to your new home in Charleston but, more importantly, giving you peace of mind in the process. Allow our team of movers to take care of everything while you sit back and dream about the new life that you will start in sunny, beautiful, friendly, and exciting Charleston, South Carolina.