Bright Colors and Great Designs of Pakistani Bridal Wear

Bright Colors and Great Designs of Pakistani Bridal Wear

Pakistani Bridal Wear is very colorful, attractive and makes the bride look like a million dollars on the most important day of her life. Dresses studded with crystal stones, beads and sequins coupled with beautiful designs and handmade embroideries make one’s dress look more beautiful and better than the other. It’s a difficult task for the bride and her family to choose one, or a few dresses required for the wedding. Huge amounts of time and money is spent on shopping for wedding dresses.

Pakistani dresses reflect the culture of the region, and are more ethnic in look; they are similar to Indian dresses. Different dresses are worn in different regions; typically they wear Salwar-Kameez, Lehenga and Ghagra. Especially for weddings, they wear traditional and ethnic dresses. With passage of time and modernisation, many other styles and varieties of dresses have become popular. Modern day dresses are influenced more by Iran, Turkey and also western styles.

Pakistani Bridal Wear designers are using their creativity in attracting and designing dresses that look bright, attractive and fresh. As the task of selecting a few dresses for weeding has become difficult, and also with women desiring to look more beautiful and special on that important day of their life, designers are being employed to custom make dresses for weddings. Makeup also plays an important role in selecting the wedding dress. The colours and designs that can be used for the makeup are considered to complement and match the dresses. Dresses reflect the attitude and personality of the bride. Dresses are neatly cut, designed and stitched by professionals employed by designers. Not only for the bride, but for the entire family, the wedding dresses have to be chosen, as the wedding is a family celebration.

Though Bridal wear comes in many colors like red, green, maroon and pink, red and green are standard and mostly chosen colors for weddings. It has been a tradition to wear these colors on the wedding day. Red and green symbolizes the auspicious celebration as they are bright. Jewellery plays an important role in the wedding and therefore dresses are designed and selected keeping in mind the jewellery for the wedding. Jewellery and dresses should complement each other to make the bride look unique and beautiful.

Pakistani Bridal wear differs based on the occasion, as wedding celebrations span two to three days, into different occasions and parties. There is a different color and style for the dress for every celebration and party during weddings. It is marked by three celebrations or parties; namely, mehndi, baraat and walima. For mehndi, brides usually wear salwar-kameez with a yellow dupatta, as dupatta forms an important ensemble for salwar and yellow or orange is the standard colour. Lehengas and ghagras along with heavy jewellery that compliments the dresses are worn for Baraat and walimaa functions and colours for these functions are red, maroon and pink.

Pakistani Bridal wear information is available everywhere, you have to be careful in selecting the right fabric. As jewellery compliments the dress, selection of jewellery designs and quality should be made keeping in mind the dresses. Make sure you select a reputed designer or contractor to provide you the dresses on time for your most important celebration of life. As most of the brides are confused when presented with so many designs and options, making that final decision would become difficult. It’s always better to take the advice of family and friends and make the appropriate choice. Selecting the right dresses, with right color, and design that compliment your jewellery and suits your individuality and personality would make you look like a million dollars girl on your wedding day.