3 Ways To Cut Costs When Wedding Planning

3 Ways To Cut Costs When Wedding Planning

3 Ways To Cut Costs When Wedding Planning

A wedding day is a lot of things; exciting, romantic, and a day all involved will likely remember forever. A lot of people don’t realize how the costs of a wedding can add up substantially. The average cost for a wedding in the United States is $19,000 (dependent on location).

Although it’s one of the most important days of someone’s life, it also can go by extremely quickly, as the day itself is only 24 hours long. This is something everyone should keep in mind while planning their wedding. The day, while very special, is not worth going into years of debt for. This is why it is crucial to stick to a budget, and cut costs when possible.

Shorten Your Guest List 

The task of completing a guest list can often feel like an overwhelming task. You’ll find yourself thinking, “Well, if I invite her, do I have to invite him?” or “should I invite this family member even though we haven’t spoken in three years?” The best advice is to stick to keeping your guest list as small as possible. A shorter guest list directly impacts how much you will be saving on venue space, food, and drinks.

Most wedding vendors determine their costs on how large your guest list is, so cutting corners when you can offer a huge benefit. You can also advise all attendees to not bring their children which will help alleviate costs. The smaller the list, the more you save, so make sure to dot your I’s and cross your T’s when thinking about who to invite to your wedding. 

3 Ways To Cut Costs When Wedding Planning

Be Considerate With Fresh Floral Arrangements 

Fresh flowers sure are pretty to look at, but those sweet-smelling bouquets come with a hefty price tag. Most couples spend about $700 – $2,500 on their wedding flowers, but the average cost for wedding flowers in America is around $1,500. If you simplify your floral budget to just the bridal bouquet, a boutonniere, and one to two reception centerpieces, you can cut costs exponentially.

There are so many inexpensive ways to beautify a venue; you can opt for realistic-looking fake flowers to use for the flower girl petals, DIY some table arrangements, and skip the bridesmaid’s bouquets. If you follow these steps, there will be more money in your pocket! 

Choose A Practical Time of Year 

You would be surprised, but when you get married also plays a huge role in how much the wedding will cost. A Saturday for example, is one of the most desired wedding days, so many wedding venues and vendors add on additional fees. If you have flexibility in your timeframe, opt for a weekday wedding instead. If you’re hoping to save additional cash, book a day in the off-season.

Peak wedding season usually occurs between late spring to late fall, with the most popular months being June and September, so keep this timeframe in mind when planning and budgeting for your special day.

3 Ways To Cut Costs When Wedding Planning


Whether your goal is to save money on the wedding so that you have more of a budget to utilize on your honeymoon, or even for your first home, being considerate of your choices during the wedding planning process will make a world of a difference. While overspending on your special day can be tempting, it can easily lead to debt. This can directly impact your ability to afford a house, purchase a car, and save for other long-term goals you and your spouse want to achieve together.

As newlyweds, it is important to not start your marriage off on the wrong foot, and financial hardship can be a huge contributor to unnecessary stress. Making smart financial choices early on, like when planning your wedding, can grant you more financial freedom for larger purchases in the future.

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