12 Perfect Christmas Cards for Newlyweds on Their First Christmas

12 Perfect Christmas Cards for Newlyweds on Their First Christmas

Part of the fun of the holiday season is getting Christmas cards in the mail instead of junk mail and bills. Now that you’re celebrating your first December 25th as a married couple, send greetings of your own. As a result, we have 12 perfect Christmas cards for newlyweds.

12 Perfect Christmas Cards for Newlyweds on Their First Christmas

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You don’t need us to tell you that the holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially for newlyweds. Additionally, the first holiday season as a married couple is a joyful and exciting time of year.

Celebrate by sending cards to friends and family from Minted. Therefore, here are some of the best styles of Christmas cards for newlyweds on their first holiday together.

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Holiday Floral Christmas Cards for Newlyweds

Holiday florals are a great option if you are looking for a seasonal card that is both elegant and appropriate for the holidays.

With botanical-inspired designs specific to Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas, you can easily send these to anyone during the holiday season.

1. Petite Botanicals

This holiday card design is perfect for the Christmas season. You can even personalize your names and text with foil.

2. Floral Arch

Combine blues and silver to make a beautiful Hanukkah card with a variety of colors and themes to choose from.

3. Festive Flora

Share the spirit of Kwanzaa with this beautiful holiday card! This colorful design is perfect for anyone celebrating Kwanzaa.

Foil-Stamped Christmas Cards for Newlyweds

Adding a gold foil stamp to your cards brings a unique touch to your holiday cards. You can customize your card to fit your unique theme while keeping things simple and clean.

4. The Gala

This first Christmas card is an elegant yet simple solution for your holiday cards. This would work for any season during the winter months and is also conducive for a generic holiday letter.

5. Glitter

This glitter holiday card design would work better as a New Year card. However, it could also be used for a winter celebration card.

Traditional Christmas Cards for Newlyweds

Love traditional things? There’s a newlywed Christmas card for that. Traditional Christmas styles are the perfect mix of conventional and romantic.

These holiday designs are reminiscent of classic Christmas cards, but they have unique married sayings on them.

6. Side Script

The side script of this holiday card gives this design a fun twist. Additionally, the message “Merry and Married” is perfect for the holidays.

7. Classique

The Classique is a simple yet classic card. Plus, the “Married and Bright “text is perfect for the holidays.

8. Merry and Married

Looking for a simple way to announce your marriage and send out a fun card? This is the perfect one to do that.

9. Bliss

This card is perfect for sending some holiday cheer to your loved ones as a new couple. Not only is the card simple and elegant, but it also focuses on the card’s photo.

Other Christmas Cards for Newlyweds

Looking for the perfect holiday card idea that will bring something a little different to the table? All of these are great options.

They have a unique touch to make them stand out from other cards. As a result, they still deliver your fun holiday update or short Christmas message.

10.With a Bow

A simple bow brings together this simple yet classic holiday card idea.

11. Painted Blocks

Another more colorful and out-of-the-box idea, this colored holiday card will stand out from the rest with the noticeable blocks.

12. Joy is All Around

A fun take on holiday cheer, this is the perfect way to spread joy and share the love this holiday season.

With so many great ideas here, you’ll have a hard time deciding on the perfect card for you and your spouse this holiday season.

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