6 Perfect Wedding Ideas for Older Couples to Use on Their Big Day

6 Perfect Wedding Ideas for Older Couples to Use on Their Big Day

Whether you’re planning your first wedding or have been married before, getting married later in life still requires a party! Our six wedding ideas for older couples will help you plan the ideal event.

Wedding Ideas for Older Couples

Are you finding your special someone later in life? Maybe this isn’t your first marriage, but you still deserve a fabulous celebration. We guarantee that family and friends still want to wish you well and watch you say, “I do!”

A lot of planning goes into making a wedding special and memorable. If you’re older, you may be looking for something easy that is a little more straight to the point this time. We have six age-appropriate wedding ideas for older couples to help plan your special day.

6 Wedding Ideas for Older Couples

Opt for a shorter wedding guest list.

Smaller guest lists and more intimate ceremonies are more accepted than they may have been a few decades ago. Why not keep your marriage celebration to just immediate family and close friends?

Your marriage is about sharing your love with the world. So, ensure you’re surrounded by those nearest and dearest to you on your special day.

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Have a destination wedding.

Planning a wedding getaway is a great option to do something different and special for your nuptials. You can opt to combine wedding and honeymoon costs by having them both in the same place.

Destination weddings are a great option for couples looking to do something different than their previous weddings or try something new.

Curate your wedding registry and gifts.

For older couples in a later stage of life, you’ll likely find you have everything and then some. After all, you have things from two full lives of collecting and decorating.

Instead, consider asking your guests for experiences or gift certificates to local restaurants. You could also consider registering for something such as charitable wedding favors if you don’t want to ask for cash or more stuff.

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Skip the traditional walk down the aisle.

If you’ve already done a few walks down the aisle, this may be the part you’re dreading about getting married. Why not try something different this time? Consider doing a receiving line instead.

Play a song of your choice and stand together as you welcome each guest as they take their seat. Then make your way down the aisle.

Alternatively, you could do a circular ceremony where the couple stands in the middle of all your guests. Find a way to mix it up and include your wedding guests instead of the traditional walk down the aisle.

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Include your children and grandchildren.

If you have children of your own, bring them into your special day as you combine two families into one. You can have them sit where the “parents” usually sit or have them be a part of your bridal party.

If they are old enough, they could officiate your wedding or even be the ones to make your toasts.

Have a private ceremony and larger reception.

If you’re looking for another wedding option, consider having a smaller ceremony just for immediate family and close friends, with a larger celebration or reception.

Going this route can make sure that you have a party with everyone you want there. However, you can also savor the ceremony with just the important people. A dual event can be great for couples with larger families or a lot of friends who would like to attend.

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Save our wedding ideas for older couples!

If you’re getting married later in life or you’ve found yourself falling in love and getting married again, hopefully, these ideas will inspire and help you plan the perfect wedding.

Wedding Ideas for Older Couples