Wedding Table Decorations – Tips to Make Your Wedding Tables Presentable Before Your Guests

Wedding Table Decorations – Tips to Make Your Wedding Tables Presentable Before Your Guests

When planning a wedding, keep in mind that it’s the small, intricate details that matters most. This applies especially to the wedding decoration. Now, one of the pieces that needs to be looked at is the wedding table decoration.

Wedding tables are the center of attention at the reception aside from the the newly weds. Basically, it is where the guests stay to dine and converse during the reception. Therefore, it is indeed very essential for the wedding tables to look presentable and appealing before your guests.

In the task of sprucing up your wedding table decoration, you should start by determining the tables you will need to decorate. Basically, there are three wedding tables: these are the reception table where the guests will take their seats, the buffet table where the food will be place, the cake table for the wedding cake and lastly the gift table where guests can place their gifts for the newly weds.

At this point of planning for that big day, you should already have an idea regarding the mood you want to create in the reception. Now, make sure that the wedding table decorations you are going to incorporate will define the mood that you have envisioned.

Now, what you will do is to make sure that the look in each table setting matches the look you want to create. For example, a casual look is your preference; a mishmash of colors for the plates, table napkins, linens and centerpiece for the table will pull it off.

However, if you have a theme for the wedding, always take into account the little details that you will be using for linens, cutleries and the centerpieces to make up the totality of your wedding table decoration. Keep in mind that they should coincide to your chosen wedding theme.

The buffet table, must have a highlight point or a centerpiece for the food that will be served. It can be an ice sculpture or a wine fountain. Too often, a themed wedding have a representation at the buffet table. It is something that is very significant for the couple. For the cake table, it can be adorned with flowers or a wonderful cake topper. Lastly, the gift table can also be decorated with flowers and candles that reflects the wedding color or the theme.

With all these wedding table decoration tips, you are ready to set the mood for your wedding reception on the that big day of yours and your guests will surely be bound to appreciate it.