Wedding Rings – Beyond Considerations of Composition and Style Are Tokens of the Marriage Commitment

Wedding Rings – Beyond Considerations of Composition and Style Are Tokens of the Marriage Commitment

The giving of, or the exchanging of wedding rings is viewed by most to be the core of the wedding ceremony. A ceremony that if understood and rightly executed can and should be filled with traditions that speaks of both life long and even eternal commitments and realities. As it has been said so very many times, and I believe wisely so, “with this ring I thee wed”. Thus the ring (rings) being created of a precious medal, and often ornamented with a precious gem is indicative of the value it has as a token of the great truths it illustrates. So it should be deemed reasonable that a generous budget allowance be given to the buying of the wedding ring (wedding ring set). For they shall remain with the married couple day by day until only death shall separate them.

The ring its self

The style and the design of the wedding ring is only as important as you view it to be. If you prefer simplicity then a simple gold ban is probably for you, but if you want something more elaborate then there is a wide variety to choose from both in design and in the metals and precious stones that comprise the ring. Polished yellow gold has been the most common choice, but a white gold wedding ring is a good option for those who want the look of platinum at a more affordable cost. However, a white gold wedding ring is often plated with rhodium to enhance its appearance, and this plating is likely to wear off with time. A platinum wedding ring is another popular choice. A titanium wedding ring is a more modern choice since it is only relatively recently that this striking grayish metal has been used for jewelery. A titanium wedding ring is a real talking point. Platinum wedding rings are one of the latest additions to the market. There are also silver, palladium, mokume gane, electrum and even stainless steel. Also keep in mind the kind of work you do with your hands while selecting your wedding ring. Gold is soft and can get a lot of scratches. The most common choice of gems is the diamond, which even small girls in their “playing house” speak of, and popular songs focus on as a token of marriage. But rubies, sapphires and emeralds are also gaining popularity among wedding rings.

Possible individual touches

Some rings are designed according to some special meaning to the bride and groom, there are rings with Celtic designs, and this is popular among the Irish. Engraving your wedding ring is a great way to add a special touch to this symbol of unending love. Engraving a Bible verse on a wedding ring is probably one of the most popular options. The simple wisdom of which is that the Bible text can bring both comfort and strength of conviction in times of trial or temptation. In American culture the ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, but it is worn on the same finger but the right hand in many other country. I believe most perceive the importance being that the ring is given and worn, not in the particulars to which hand it is on. Mens wedding rings are a newer tradition that grew rapidly during the Second World War when many men were separated from their loved ones for long periods of time and sought a symbolic reminder. Choose a style and design that will match your personality, and work as an enabling tool to help you confirm for your life time your marriage commitment.

The traditions around engagement and wedding rings speak of life long and eternal truths and commitments

The meaning behind wedding rings is very deep. They are a continuing visible statement to both the married couple, and to all others that they have given themselves to one another before God to fulfill all His laws in regards to the marriage relationship. The ring is a symbol in its roundness that the marriage relationship that they have entered, or are to enter into, has no end, thus stating in agreement to God’s law that only death is meant to sever their marriage relationship. In some European countries, the wedding ring is the same as the engagement ring and changes its status through engraving and the change of the hand on which to wear it. In American culture an engagement ring is given by the groom to the bride to be as a statement that He chooses her out to in the future, as arrangements can be made, to become his wife. It is my proposition that the entering of engagement is equal to what the ancient Jewish culture practiced in what was called a espousal period. A period where so to speak, the “deal is made”. Meaning that before God and man the groom and bride to be are absolutely committed to one another waiting only the time of the actual ceremony and the sharing of the marriage bed. The tradition of the engagement ring, and then the wedding ring speaks of both the commandments of God and the eternal truths behind them. The engagement period, and the ring with it, speaks of when a believer first comes to the salvation of Jesus. That person is saved, that person belongs to Jesus, they are in relationship. However, a greater experiencing of that relationship is hoped for and sought after by the believer to the end that he might be found acceptable to be a part of what the Scripture terms the Bride of Christ. Thus entering the most intimate possibility of relationship with God through Christ for eternity. So I say to you that the espousal period, or engagement period of marriage is to be pure, and kept in absolute sincerity for it speaks of the first portion of the believer’s relationship with God. Then marriage, after the stating of their public vows and the entering the marriage bed speaks of the relationship that the Bride of Christ shall share with the Heavenly Bride Groom, Jesus, for eternity.