Wedding Party Gift Ideas You Will Love

Wedding Party Gift Ideas You Will Love

It is an honor to stand in the wedding of a relative or close friend, but the wedding party also has to organize events for the couple and provide support. Bridesmaids are responsible for getting the bride ready and to plan the bachelorette party as well as the bridal shower. The groomsmen are responsible for the bachelor party and they assist the groom on the wedding day. Show your appreciation to your bridal party with personalized wedding party gifts. This is a great gift idea since they are unique and have sentimental value.

Wedding Party Gift Tradition

Many couples have a hard time coming up with wedding party gift ideas. Traditionally, the groomsmen receive the same gifts and the bridesmaids also receive the same gifts. For example, you can give the bridesmaids a personalized charmed bracelet that can be worn during the wedding. Customized cufflinks are a good option for groomsmen. Of course, you don’t have to follow tradition. You can give them each something different depending on their hobby, favorite sports team, or any other interest they may have.

Personalized Wedding Party Gifts

Brides can find a variety of affordable personalized wedding gifts to fit every personality in the wedding. It takes a little effort and searching online. There are good deals at local stores, but the best deals are found at online stores. You can even call them to see if they are willing to give you a discount. Most of them will give you at least 10 percent off your total order, but you have to ask. A great wedding party gift idea is name stamps. They are affordable and can be personalized for each person. The name is put in a fancy font and put on a rubber stamp with an ink pad. The rubber stamp can be used on invitations, Christmas cards and envelopes. Personalized wine glasses, coffee tumblers, and even iPad cases are a great option as well.

A More Personal Touch

Crafts make great gifts and can be customized for the receiver. You can make homemade cookies or jams and put them in a jar with a personalized label. The personalized label can include event details or a personal message. Scrapbook lovers can make miniature scrapbooks with pictures and stories. Another option is taking the bridesmaids and groomsmen on an outing. The women could get manicures a day before the wedding and the guys can meet at the barbershop for a haircut.

Other Wedding Party Gift Ideas

Other wedding party gift ideas consist of beer mugs, personalized shot glasses, flasks, pens, money clips, lighters, flip flops, candles, t-shirts, robes, tote bags and cell phone cases, and travel toiletry bag. Getting married is a special time for the couple, friends and loved ones. You can show appreciation by doing something special for everyone that participated in the event. Everyone involved in a wedding puts in time and wedding party gifts can show appreciation.