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Wedding Ideas for Winter: Best Tips for Having the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding Ideas for Winter: Best Tips for Having the Winter Wedding of Your Dreams

Not all couples choose to get married in the spring and summer months even though they are the most popular. Winter is a beautiful time of year to get married, there are plenty of wedding ideas for winter that can be used to bring warmth and joy to the cold climate. Winter weddings can appear to be straight out of a fantasy, with the snow and ice as a backdrop. If you are planning to have your own winter wedding, take a look at some of the themes and ideas below. Turn the happiest day of your life into something truly magical.

All-White Wedding Theme

The color that is most representative of the winter season is without a doubt white. An all white wedding theme means incorporating the color white into everything. The wedding invitations, flowers, groomsmen attire, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and last but not least the decoration for both the ceremony and reception. It’s not likely the wedding will take place outdoors during this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beauty of the season inside. Decorate the place with snow flakes, ice, and other novelty items that represents the best that the season has to offer. You can use crystals as part of your decor to substitute actual snow. The natural sparkle that is produced by crystals will give the entire room an added touch of elegance.

Christmas Theme

Christmas is the biggest holiday in the winter season. Great wedding ideas for winter will undoubtedly include one of the most celebrated holidays of the year. Although not the most romantic theme for a wedding, it’s still guaranteed that all of your guests will have a joyous and wonderful time. The Christmas spirit brings families together and that is a great way to start a marriage. Do not forget to use lots of rich holiday colors such as deep reds and greens with some gold or silver thrown in. There are so many other great Christmas decoration ideas you can come up with, let your imagination run wild.

Winter Blossom Theme

Believe it or not, flowers can be used as wedding ideas for winter. There are many beautiful flowers that bloom in the winter. Examples of these include carnations, pansies, lilies, chrysanthemums, orchids, and winter jasmine. You are not limited to flowers that can normally be seen around Christmas. Winter flowers look amazing both as a centerpiece for the reception tables as well as for the bride’s bouquet. Depict them on your wedding invitations, wedding cake and more to really let it become the symbol of your theme.

Fairy Tale Wedding Theme

Every bride wants to live happily ever after, just like her favorite fairy tale princess. That’s exactly why so many women choose to have a fairy tale theme for their own wedding. Accomplish this by using the colors of your chosen tale. If you like Rapunzel, use the colors blue and gold. If you prefer to have a Cinderella wedding, then use pastel pink, ivory, and blue. The wedding attire and accessories should also be based on the chosen fairy tale story. Every popular fairy tale comes with an equally popular theme song, and when you play that song during the reception it is sure to be a big hit.