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Ways To Celebrate Your New Last Name

Ways To Celebrate Your New Last Name

New Name, Who Dis?

Whether you’re taking your new spouse’s last name, hyphenating the two, or creating an all-new name with a combination of both, this momentous event calls for a celebration. We’re thinking some personalized goodies to show it off to the world. Keep reading for our favorite ways to celebrate your new name & how to change your last name after marriage!

Show It Off

Style J01 & J03

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your new name on your back! These custom denim jackets are the perfect accessory to share your last name. The pearl & crystal details add an extra special touch to this closet staple.

Carry It With You

Style EB3396P & EB3338MRSP

Does anyone else have an emotional support water bottle or a favorite bag that comes with you everywhere? Us too! What better way to let everyone know your new name by giving your go-to items an update. These personalized goodies make running earrings

Keep It Close to Home