Types of Boats For Sale Vary Greatly

Types of Boats For Sale Vary Greatly

Along with any announcement of ‘boats for sale’ would come not only a significant number of choices but also a wide range of types of each choice. Before deciding on size, shape, or color, the question is, what kind of boat is desired?

One website listed 63 types of floatables from which to choose, not including rafts and canoes. The various types of each would make a new buyer’s head spin. The best way to choose one is to understand what exactly one wants to do with their prospective new purchase. To begin with, one should know that there are generally three categories of watercraft: cruising crafts, fishing boats, and those used for sports.


Cruising ships are for spending leisure time on the water. Depending on size and cost, these can allow for day cruises or have cabins and amenities for staying overnight.

Cabin cruisers have a galley or kitchen, bathroom, and sleep area. The motor configuration can be inboard, fitted inside the vessel, or outboard, mounted on the outside at the stern or rear of the craft. The larger variety takes experienced skill to control and can better withstand choppy water.

A bowrider is a vehicle with seating up front to enjoy the breeze. It can be 35 feet long and can also tow skiers. A pontoon is a multi-hull ship relying on large tubes for buoyancy. This popular variety is built for leisure and comfort, offering wide decks and sofa-like seating. A trawler can be for pleasure or commercial fishing, and quickly resells as one of the most popular boats for sale.


Fishing vessels usually have control panels in the back to allow easier fishing in the front or bow of the floating vehicle. Smaller ones may be cramped and offer limited seating; larger models could have cabins. While fishing can be done from any watercraft, some are specifically designed to allow easy fishing. A bassing vessel is usually short and flat, meant to traverse shallow waterways and allow easy angling for bass. Walkabout and center console vehicles tend to be larger fishers to allow space for more people while handling rough ocean currents. Often these offer rod holders and stowaway seating for large parties.

Sport Types

These vessels are made to accommodate skiing, wakeboarding, and even competitive sailing. Both skiing and wakeboarding types have towing capabilities and enhanced power for a faster ride. Jet skis are small, powerful vehicles with handlebar controls meant for one or two people. Jet and speed boats are built for speed on the water. Sailboats can be for either cruising or competing, and can rely wholly or partially on wind power. Like all watercraft, these vessels come in a vast range of choices regarding size, length, and amenities.

For a buyer considering boats for sale, the possibilities are near endless.