Top 40 Big Diamond Engagement Rings

Top 40 Big Diamond Engagement Rings

Although there’s something charming about modest engagement rings with just a speck of sparkle, nothing grabs attention like big diamond rings. Large diamonds are not only stunning but also rare, which makes them a coveted asset that remains valuable over time.

These pieces of jewelry are real show-stoppers. Let our top 40 big diamond engagement rings dazzle you with their stunning brilliance.

1. Bedworth Ring

14113 Bedworth Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $38,000

The Bedworth Ring is a real show-stopper with its 4.18-carat center stone, set into an intricately detailed mounting. Soft lines and bow motifs create an interesting under-gallery decorated with numerous smaller stones. This Edwardian-era ring is sure to please.

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2. Stratton Ring

14109 Stratton Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $60,000

The Stratton Ring looks rather simple at first glance, with a 3.62-carat VS1 clarity center diamond and small bezel-set gems on the shoulders. Its hidden detailing is simply breathtaking. This original Art Deco ring features an intricately detailed openwork under-gallery and fine hand engravings along its shank.

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3. Wicklow Ring

SB1056 Wicklow Ring

Price: $96,000

A stark contrast to the previous big diamond rings, the Wicklow Ring is all about architectural minimalism. Its simple, geometric design’s central feature is a 3.07-carat emerald-cut diamond in a perfect D color and VS1 clarity. The only added details to take attention away from this stunning stone are two tapered-baguette diamonds adorning the shoulders.

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4. Aveyron Ring

10660 Aveyron Ring

Price: $52,000

Starting this list off with a piece that boasts classic elegance, the Aveyron Ring is a beautiful platinum engagement ring with plenty of fine detail. In its center, a 2.05-carat, perfectly colorless D-grade VS1 clarity diamond stuns the wearer. Additional old European-cut diamonds, milgrain, and engravings decorate the entire setting.

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5. Boudry Ring

13538 Boudry Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $42,000

The Boudry Ring from the Art Deco era features a simple, almost solitaire design. That doesn’t make it any less breathtaking. With a large, 3.90-carat K color VS2 clarity diamond in its center, it’s sure to elicit a yes at proposal time.

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6. Bloomsburg Ring

13604 Bloomsburg Ring

Price: $32,000

Those looking for an extraordinary design will love the Bloomsburg Ring. This antique Edwardian piece features a GIA-certified 2.13-carat K color VS2 clarity diamond. The stone is further highlighted by French-cut blue sapphires and a multitude of single-cut diamonds on the sides.

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7. Doylestown Ring

12840 Doylestown Ring

Price: $38,000

The Doylestown Ring exudes a vintage charm with its halo design and openwork filigree under-gallery. A 2.02-carat F color VS2 clarity elongated cushion-cut diamond is centered in its mounting. Besides a halo of antique round diamonds, bezel-set baguettes hug the stone on two sides.

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8. Burbank Ring

HER145 Burbank Ring

Price: $62,000

Certain cuts can truly emphasize the brilliance of a large diamond. The Burbank Ring, with a 2.03-carat emerald-cut diamond in its center, is a fine example of this. The impeccable D color VS1 clarity stone is flanked by two equally stunning Trillion cuts on its sides.

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9. Cullum Ring

13623 Cullum Ring

Price: $50,000

With a lovely, feminine design, the Cullum Ring is reminiscent of ornate Edwardian pieces. It features a picture-perfect 2.97-carat VS1 clarity old European-cut diamond as its centerpiece. Delicate floral and bow motifs decorate the mounting on all sides.

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10. Sanremo Ring

D5406 Sanremo Big Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

Few shapes can compete with the emerald cut when it comes to a beautiful large diamond. The Sanremo Ring’s 5.05-carat I color VS1 clarity gem is surely a fantastic example of this. Contact our jewelers using the form below if you’re interested in this stunning engagement ring.

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11. Ellenburg Ring

11414VB Ellenburg Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $58,000

With a simple yet tastefully elegant design, the Ellenburg Ring houses a magnificent, colorless diamond on a delicately thin band. The prong-set stone is GIA-certified as D color and VS2 clarity, weighing 2.11 carats. Round brilliant-cut diamonds decorate the under-gallery and the shoulders, extending all the way down the ring’s shank.

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12. Westchester Ring

13030 Westchester Ring

Price: $55,000

The Westchester Ring features not one but three stunning, antique cushion-cut diamonds in a shiny platinum setting. An impressive D color and VVS2 clarity 2.01-carat diamond in the middle is flanked by two 1.49-carat stunners. The mounting remains simple, with round brilliant-cut diamonds paving the shoulders and gallery.

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13. Deansgate Ring

13601 Deansgate Ring

Price: $60,000

The next in line of big diamond rings is certainly an interesting piece. With a 3.14-carat emerald-cut diamond in its center, the Deansgate Ring is sure to turn heads. What makes its design truly unique are the two additional bullet-shaped diamonds flanking its sides.

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14. Evora Ring

14024 Evora Ring

Price: $32,000

Looking for something bold and out of the ordinary? The Evora Ring, with its unique shape and additional splash of blue, will sweep your future spouse off their feet. With a bezel-set 3.01-carat old European-cut diamond in its center, this ring undeniably draws attention. A halo of natural sapphires borders the stone in a floral shape.

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15. Bel Air Ring

13870 Bel Air Big Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $54,000

Graceful and almost airy, the Bel Air Ring is dazzling with its lovely 3.02-carat transparent oval stone. The VS2 clarity diamond has a rose cut, further emphasizing its magnificent clarity. The ring’s design remains fairly simple while its prongs, under-gallery, and shank are decorated with small diamonds.

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16. Colborne Ring

14015 Colborne Ring

Price: $80,000

The Colborne Ring evokes Art Deco extravagance with its sharp, geometric design. In its center, a 3-carat emerald-cut diamond steals the show. The impressive, GIA-certified stone boasts VVS1 clarity, which makes it a rare and valuable gem. The ring’s center stone is haloed by a set of baguette-cut diamonds and fine milgrain detailing that extends to bedazzled shoulders.

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17. Ludlow Ring

13964 Ludlow Ring

Price: $33,000

Another treat for lovers of angular designs, the handsome Ludlow Ring features a beautiful 3.01-carat emerald-cut gem in its center. The diamond is L color and VS1 clarity, and it’s flanked by two baguette cuts in an east-west orientation. A halo of natural blue sapphires accentuates the main diamond.

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18. Oakwood Ring

13709 Oakwood Ring

Price: $45,000

If you prefer gentle lines to sharp angles, you’ll love the Oakwood Ring, inspired by the Edwardian era. Its stunning 3.73-carat old European-cut center diamond is just the beginning of what this ring has to offer. Its setting is decorated with diamond-set bow motifs, while delicate hand engravings extend all the way around its band.

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19. Stafford Ring

13999 Stafford Ring

Price: $54,000

The Stafford Ring features a 3.95-carat VS1 clarity prong-set diamond in its center, sitting on a crown-style under-gallery that gives the ring a royal flair. The shoulders and shank feature additional hand engravings and milgrain details.

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20. Stockton Ring

13452 Stockton Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $55,000

Our next huge diamond ring is an original antique piece that dates back to the Victorian era. The Stockton Ring’s floral halo design, characteristic of the age, exudes feminine elegance, with a 3.80-carat VS2 clarity diamond at its center. The setting has a two-toned look, adding to the ring’s antique charm.

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21. Tournus Ring

13467 Tournus Ring

Price: $36,000

Our next vintage ring is a superb example of how well colored gems contrast with a large, dazzling diamond. This handsome Art Deco-inspired piece houses a 3.38-carat antique cushion-cut diamond in its center, highlighted by deep-blue sapphires and added European-cut diamonds in openwork filigree.

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22. Tiverton Ring

10704 Tiverton Ring

Price Upon Request

The Tiverton Ring is an opulent take on halo engagement rings. It showcases a 3.25-carat diamond amidst a brilliant halo of old mine cuts weighing 3.66 carats in total. The ring has a two-toned design and a unique shank.

23. Bayside Ring

14034 Bayside Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $74,000

The Bayside Ring is not for the faint of heart. This stunning platinum ring sports numerous diamonds in various cuts in a circular halo design. Its most notable feature is its 4.25-carat L color VS1 clarity center diamond, sitting on top of a lovely openwork under-gallery.

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24. Crawford Ring

13798 Crawford Ring

Price: $90,000

The Crawford Ring boasts a bold octagonal design with a GIA-certified 5.03-carat Asscher-cut diamond in its center. The VS2 clarity stone is haloed by a row of French-cut blue sapphires for extra contrast. Additional pave-set diamonds decorate the ornate shoulders of this platinum ring.

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25. 5.02ct Estate Halo Ring

12861 5.02ct Estate Halo Ring

Price: $58,000

The next huge diamond ring on our list features a rare, 5.02-carat cushion-cut diamond in a milgrain-bordered bezel setting. The L color VS1 clarity stone is surrounded by a dazzling halo of antique diamonds. The mounting is supported by an openwork under-gallery and a triple-wire shank for added interest.

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26. Hampshire Ring

13628 Hampshire Ring

Price: $61,000

The Hampshire Ring is yet another incredibly detailed Edwardian piece that’s truly a work of art. Not only does it showcase breathtaking open filigree and milgrain details set with diamonds, but its entire band is decorated with fine botanical motifs. The center stone is a stunner: a 4.26-carat J color VS1 clarity diamond in an old European cut.

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27. Kent Ring

13423 Kent Ring

Price: $45,000

The Kent Ring is undeniably a rare and extraordinary piece on our list. This original white gold Art Deco ring’s center diamond, which weighs 4.30 carats, is bezel-set in buffed onyx. The black border creates a handsome and striking contrast with the brilliance of the diamond.

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28. Norristown Ring

13428 Norristown Ring

Price: $92,000

Speaking of unique designs, the Norristown Ring certainly qualifies. A glance at this stunning beauty is enough to see why. This delicate platinum ring features a rare, 6-carat pear-shaped diamond as its centerpiece. The diamond is rose-cut, making it wonderfully transparent.

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29. Orford Ring

13805 Orford Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $68,000

Halo rings never go out of style. The Orford Ring, with its blue sapphire halo, is a classic beauty with a clean and bold design. Its cushion-cut center stone is by no means negligible. It weighs 5.15 carats and is L color and VS2 clarity. Big diamond rings like this will surely garner a yes when presented during a proposal.

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30. Swiss Ring

13841 Swiss Ring

Price: $65,000

The next piece on our list is a vintage engagement ring dating back to the 1950s. The Swiss Ring sports a 4.12-carat old European-cut J color VS2 clarity diamond in a prong setting. An exceedingly simple design, only decorated by two tapered baguettes, balances the brilliance of the stunning center stone.

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31. Albi Ring

14067 Albi Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $48,000

The Albi Ring, crafted circa 1920, is a classic solitaire engagement ring with added detailing for extra charm. The 4.11-carat VS1 clarity antique cushion-cut diamond is secured in a milgrain-decorated setting. The ring’s entire band showcases fine leaf motif hand engravings.

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32. Glenridge Ring

13851 Glenridge Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $60,000

The Glenridge Ring features a 5.04-carat cushion-cut diamond in an understated setting. The shoulders and the under-gallery both showcase tiny details with additional diamonds. The rest of the design remains simple, giving this valuable ring a low profile.

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33. Tropea Ring

14027 Tropea Ring

Price: $85,000

The Tropea Ring is another example of the opulence colored gems can bring to the table. This time, a 5.49-carat antique cushion-cut diamond is haloed by vibrant green emeralds that extend down the shoulders. The design is completed by an intricate openwork under-gallery.

34. Astoria Ring

13233 Astoria Ring

Price: $51,000

The Astoria Ring, made of 18k yellow gold, simply exudes luxury. In the center of its clean design you’ll find a beautiful, 4.39-carat old European-cut diamond. Pave-set diamonds create a majestic halo around the centerpiece. Peek underneath to see a lovely openwork under-gallery.

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35. Bryant Park Ring

13421 Bryant Park Ring

Price: $108,000

Our next ring is as grandiose as big diamond rings can get. The bold Bryant Park Ring features an incredible, 6.04-carat antique cushion cut diamond in its center, adorned by a double halo of round brilliant cuts. The stone is accentuated by natural blue sapphires and baguette-cut diamonds on its four sides.

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36. Earling Ring

RD1547 Earling Ring

Price: $60,000

The next antique-style platinum ring on our list, the Earling Ring, features an M color VS2 clarity round rose-cut diamond. The gem weighs 5.08 carats and is haloed by old mine-cut diamonds in a simple, circular shape. The ring’s under-gallery is all but simple. Take a look underneath, and you’ll see delicate botanical motifs.

37. Haddon Ring

13025 Haddon Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $140,000

The Haddon Ring combines a halo of natural French-cut blue sapphires with a 4.09-carat G color VS1 clarity diamond. The antique Asscher-cut diamond mesmerizes the wearer with its symmetry, while fine milgrain adds some extra detail to this simply elegant ring.

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38. Genesee Ring

SB8908 Genesee Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price Upon Request

Less is sometimes more. The clean lines of the stunning Genesee Ring feature a simple, solitaire design. Its only stone is a marvel in itself. The 6.01-carat Asscher-cut diamond is certified as VVS2 clarity by the GIA, making this platinum ring extremely rare and valuable.

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39. Golders Green Ring

SM315 Golders Green Big Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $85,000

The next on our list of huge diamond rings is the Golders Green Ring, with its impressive 5.72-carat VS2 clarity stone. The handmade platinum mounting features an openwork under-gallery, and the ring has a triple-wire band. A halo of blue sapphires borders the diamond for a bold touch.

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40. Salamanca Ring

77503 Salamanca Ring

Price: $150,000

We’re closing this list with a truly exquisite piece. The Salamanca Ring centers a beautiful, 5.03-carat oval-cut diamond in a prong setting. Although the large diamond certainly grabs the attention, there is more to see: an array of small diamonds on the shank and gallery gives extra brilliance to this big diamond ring.

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