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The Growth of Indian Matrimonial Websites

The Growth of Indian Matrimonial Websites

Since the introduction of online matrimonial websites, there has been a surprisingly quick acceptance of this concept in the Indian market. This has resulted in its consistent and exponential growth over the years. Only 5 years into the introduction of these portals, there were over 25 million eligible individuals registering, to find for themselves the perfect life partner on the internet.

Reasons for its Popularity

Today, this number has gone up by three times. In the last year alone, there were over 17 million new registrants who benefited from the innovative yet simple tools on these online match-making portals. The core reason behind this exponential success among prospective brides, grooms and even parents is because of the convenience it offers and its cost-effective nature.

Technology versus Traditions

Today, the industry has consistently been seeing a rise of 48% in business every year. It is interesting to notice that the dawn of the internet age saw such a quick shift of ideologies among traditional families who were able to shed all beliefs and taboos to embrace technology for social and marital well being.

The Growth of Marriage Websites

It is believed that on an average of 15 million Indian brides and grooms from around the world get married to the match that they find on matrimonial websites every year. With the industry surpassing the INR 500 Crore mark long time ago, there is no stopping for this industry.

Factors Influencing the Growing Demand

With the ever growing user base of technology and the internet specifically, more and more internet users today belong to the age group of 25 to 34 years. In addition to that, India consists of the youngest population in the world and the fourth largest internet user-base. With a user base of over 150 million online Indians, the online matrimonial sector was able to easily leverage the opportunity to offer to the target audience an innovative web based solution to build partnerships for life.

Global Popularity

The interactive, engaging, and user-friendly nature of this internet based service makes it a very popular medium for finding the perfect partner to spend your life with. In addition to gaining much popularity within the Indian borders, these portals have emerged as the most preferred route of match making among Indian expatriates residing around the world in countries like USA, UK, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

The Service Platter

Online matrimonial websites offer a range of services at very cost-effective rates. Most popular websites offer free as well as premium services which are user-driven and assist young brides and grooms with the most relevant and accurate search results based on a range of criteria that match the requirements of the registrants.

While marriages are made in heaven, online matrimonial websites have proven to be an extremely efficient facilitator of these matches. It has played a crucial role in joining Indian families in matrimony from around the world. This fledging industry is getting popular day by day and it is known fact that it is here to stay