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The Catering Business Can Serve a Tasty Profit

The Catering Business Can Serve a Tasty Profit

When most people use the word caterer, they use the word to describe a person who serves food at a special event by using wait staff, or setting up a self-serve buffet. This description is not far from the truth. However, there are several different types of caterers which may require a group or individual to need a catering service. Basically, a catering business provides food service at remote sites. Understanding the different descriptions will enable you to make the right selection that is appropriate for your event.

Hotels, corporate offices, churches, and event venues are several types of places where a catering service is used. Some people even have a catered event at their homes. One creative way for providing this food service is through the use of a mobile caterer, where food is served directly from a vehicle or cart. Many outdoor events such as concerts, workplaces, recreational centers and downtown business districts tend to use a mobile service.

The most common is the event catering service, which just as its name implies, is used during special events. Customers may use a box lunch drop-off, or even a full-service catering. With the full service, wait staff are available unlike a drop-off scenario where the food is delivered and the customers serve themselves. The staff does not prepare the food, but will help with setting up the dining area. Banquets, conventions and weddings are the most common. If there are proper facilities, the food might be prepared onsite. Otherwise, the caterer will bring prepared food and add finishing touches at the location. Basic menus may include food, drinks, and hors d’oeuvres. Usually the event will have a particular theme. Therefore, the menu selections will sometimes follow the theme. The catering company is skilled at making the food not only appealing to the taste buds, but also to the eyes. This has lead to some catering companies offering table setting and lighting decorations to compliment the meal.

Gathering around a meal is a common part of many cultures. Whether the event is business or pleasure, a professional caterer will have the experience to make the event special and memorable. The catering service is often provided on a per person basis, so in order to make a decent profit, caterers will set prices below a price margin that is comfortable for a customer to pay. The customer will receive a proposal which will include a timeline that affects the catering price.