The Boob Tape Bra Trick That Really Works

The Boob Tape Bra Trick That Really Works
The Boob Tape Bra Trick That Really Works
This submit about boob tape was at first published in November 2017.

Last thirty day period, I was in a family members marriage ceremony (typically as a boy or girl wrangler, but still). In some flush of optimism, I picked a strappy gown with a plunging neckline. The only concern is that I’m in the range of a D(+) cup, and immediately after two pregnancies and two rounds of nursing, my boobs no for a longer period defy gravity. But for some explanation, even while I know superior, I permit myself be seduced by the plan that stick-on bras truly function for busty ladies. (Spoiler warn: They never definitely, but boob tape just may well. I gotcha covered… far more aspects on that beneath.)

The 7 days prior to the marriage, I stored seeking at the adhere-on bra box and experience panicked. If it didn’t operate at the final minute, THEN WHAT?

But I stored circling again to what happened when I was acquiring completely ready for prom. I’d acquired the ’90s edition of a adhere-on bra, and even for my at-the-time B cup, they had been a full previous-moment fall short, and I wanted guidance. So with my theatre kid ingenuity, I dug up some Duct Tape and… Duct Taped my boobs. Outdated college boob tape, y’all. I truly feel like the tale should close here, with, “And I seriously don’t endorse it,” but it was additional or fewer fine. Not captivating, incredibly tin man, but wonderful.

So previous thirty day period, I stored circling all around this thought. Had a person at last manufactured a extra manner appropriate—or at the very least in-a-assortment-of-flesh-tones—version of this solution? Was this thought totally bonkers? I work in a manner adjacent sector, WHY Didn’t I KNOW THE Solution?

I’d like to say that I solved the difficulty with my in-depth googling techniques and stylist connections. But I did not. I solved it by purchasing a pile of adhere-on bras and fashion tape from Amazon, and then obtaining a screen pop up that claimed, “People who purchased these things also ordered flesh-coloured Gaffer tape.” And in one 2nd, I understood why. (And not just due to the fact I’m a theatre important who’s made use of Gaff tape to stick down any number of cords to the floor and to spike any number of stages.) A fast google look for of Gaffer Tape Bra, guide me to “Kim Kardashian’s boob tape trick,” and I instantly knew it was go-time, and this would be the solution to all my worries. (I mean, Kim is notorious for rocking whatever she wears, anywhere she goes.)

But as it turns out, while a couple folks have analyzed out the Gaffer Tape trick (and Buzzfeed has a excellent write-up demonstrating how it works on a range of cup sizes—much too negative the images are gone from that article, now), only Kim Kardashian was prepared to show the planet how it looked (and worked) on her true boobs. Perfectly, until now, since now it’s gonna be Kim and me on the Net with boob tape bras… permanently (and these photographs will keep, due to the fact we really like you like that).

After wearing Gaff Tape at the marriage ceremony (it worked like a attraction), and y’all asking me to share additional aspects, we whipped up a small exam in the APW laboratories. 1st, we tried out out two of these stick-on bras (I would exam much more for you, but it became quite apparent it was pointless). Then we analyzed out two different tape styles for Gaffer Tape: one particular for a deep-plunge backless gown, and one for a strapless backless dress. And we also examined to see how form-fitting a costume could be in advance of the Gaffer Tape would display. Below are our success.


woman in long deep v pink dress

Due to the fact we’re experts (of boobs), we experienced to start out with a management. This is what the gown with no boob assistance at all seems like. The gown is pulling actually wide at the best, and the waistline is… effectively, it’s not superior.

closeup of deep v neckline in pink dressIn limited, this is not a look I’d gladly go out in public in. (While for some explanation I’m great immortalizing it on the Web, in service of all of our boobs.)

The Le Lusion Bra Critique (For A D+ Cup)

1st up, the adhere-on bras. I experimented with two styles: the Le Lusion bra, and the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra. There are other types of stick-on bras, which includes the pull-alongside one another bra (Buzzfeed reviewed it on distinct cup measurements), and other bras that assert to be backless, strapless, and thrust-up. I didn’t examination them all, due to the fact I can tell you conclusively from the exams that I did, that for a D+ cup (and probably measurements down below that), stick-on bras are a lot of kinds of garbage. (Cosmo can give you a comprehensive rundown of all the dreadful sticky bras on a D cup if you are into that type of detail.)

But let us get started with the Le Lusion bra, which may well be the single most unflattering detail I’ve ever set on my overall body.

4 images of woman upset in stick on bra and pink dress

What is this? Any person, remember to reveal. Alternatively of supplying any support, the Le Lusion bra pulled my boobs absent from my entire body, flattened them, and then dragged them ground-wards. In its place of fighting gravity, they assisted gravity out. As well as, at the very least with this neckline, they showed on the side. Perhaps these get the job done for a smaller sized cup measurement (however frankly, I have my reservations about that), but obviously they ought to never ever have been designed for a C-cup or over.

In the gown, they supplied much more aid than practically nothing, but also built my boobs appear pointy and lumpy, so I’m not contacting that a earn.

The Verdict: Practically the most unflattering factor I’ve at any time put on my human body. These can go die.

the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra Evaluation (For a D+ Cup)

Future up, is the deep U-plunge strapless backless bra.

stick on bra held over chest of pink dress

Unlike the Le Lusion bra, this was not the worst matter I have at any time put on my overall body, but it was however a short phase absent from useless.

collage of Strapless stick on bra failing under pink dress

In the 5 stationary minutes I used in this bra, I spent 90 percent of my time thinking about how it felt like it was certainly about to peel off and that I was going to flash a person. And in the more 5 ambulatory minutes I put in in them, they essentially did begin to slide off my physique, in a way that felt alarming when I was not out in public. It also confirmed on the side of the costume, which was a great deal additional noticeable in man or woman.

Did it supply some help? Yes. But offered the point that it appeared like it was likely to clear away by itself from my overall body right before I even tried using to do everything (like say, dance), and it confirmed less than my costume? I was not a lover.

The Verdict:

This is greater than no bra, if only marginally so. Even much better would be not carrying a dress that necessitated a adhere-on bra, that would consume most of my brain house with considerations about flashing a group.

In short: Adhere-on bras are not built for gals with a lotta boob, whole stop.

Gaffer boob Tape Bra Overview (For a D+ Cup)

Subsequent up, is the Gaffer Tape bra. Not to spoil the plot below, but this hack is, in fact, every little thing it is cracked up to be. It also implies that I can finally use all people plunging and backless attire that have been firmly on my no-record for twenty several years. Below is how it performs.

closeup of gaffer boob tape bra trick

How To Use A Gaffer boob Tape Bra:

Lower strips of Gaffer Tape, and affix them to your entire body just one at a time, making use of the tape to sculpt the bra (and cleavage) you want. Anticipate to get truly handsy with on your own, relocating your boobs all-around to get them accurately exactly where you want them.

happy woman with gaffer tape lifting and separating D+ cups

Though it is sensible to check out to hold the Gaffer Tape smooth as you place it on, it’s never ever heading to be entirely clean. So if you’re wearing a dress with less forgiving fabric, don’t forget that you can set a handful of strips of tape on top rated to aid sleek all the things out. (You can also use much less tape than I applied in this article, dependent on how a lot elevate and protection you’re going for.)

closeup of scissors cutting gaffer tape bra down to size

Following up, check out your neckline, and then consider scissors and trim the tape so that almost nothing demonstrates. (At the time the bra is sculpted, you can reduce a shocking amount of the tape off and nonetheless have it perform perfectly.)

closeup of fashion tape being put on neckline of pink dress

Ultimately, use trend tape. You almost certainly do not want anyone to see that you’ve included your boobs with a merchandise discovered at Residence Depot, so use vogue tape to affix the gown to your pores and skin to make confident it does not go close to.

closeup of pink neckline with boob tape bra under it


happy woman in long pink deep v dress

Solutions To All Your Other Urgent Gaffer boob Tape Queries:

woman in deep v pink dress running fingers through brown hair

How Much Support Does It Offer? I’m a D+ Cup. That mentioned, Kim has a whole lot much more boobs than me, and I can very considerably promise you that Bey’s write-up-kid boobs are not holding by themselves up with #Slay electric power, so this trick operates for these of us with way extra than a handful.

sideview of strapless gaffer tape bra on brunette

What Necklines Can You Dress in This With? We examined this out with two necklines: the backless deep V (you can also see me wearing it with a backless plunge V in this article), together with creating a strapless backless bra. Both equally worked shockingly nicely.

The surprises were that the tape is so sturdy that you do not want to use about-the-shoulder support to get it to do the job. Outside of that, the backless strapless bra that I crafted felt more supportive (and frankly additional cozy) than my standard strapless.

woman's bare back with a small piece of tape showing

How Prolonged Does It Continue to be In Location? Due to the fact I’d already worn a boob tape bra to a daylong marriage, I realized that devoid of a question it would offer support and keep on even by means of sweat and dancing.

How Comfy Is It? A large amount has been prepared on the World wide web about how awkward it is to don Gaffer Tape on your boobs, and I assume the hoopla is a minor overblown. Once again, during a daylong party, I found it fully great. But that stated, it does experience like you’re carrying tape on your boobs. It does not, in any way, really feel like slipping into an oversized t-shirt and seeing Netflix. So if what you are on the lookout for is comfy and effortless, then for goodness sake pick a dress that allows you to put on a normal bra. I identified it somewhat comforting to come to feel tape on my boobs all day due to the fact it permit me know that I was however supported and not flashing any individual.

TLDR: A gaffer tape bra feels like the opposite of a adhere-on bra. Instead of the feeling that the bra is slipping off your system, you have the experience that the bra is Very Caught on your physique. But all in, completely fantastic for an event.

Will It Harm Your Pores and skin? I have sensitive skin and took tape on and off myself 3 situations in 1 afternoon to shoot this, and my skin wasn’t specifically irritated. It feels a bit like ripping off a not-also-sticky Bandaid. That explained, you are placing GAFF TAPE ON YOUR BOOBS, so if you are not into heading the excess mile for trend, this is not for you.

Must I Consider This If I’m Allergic To Adhesives? No. Please, no. In truth, if you know that you have any pertinent allergy symptoms or sensitivities, do a patch test first. (Take note: I have commonly comparatively delicate pores and skin and had no troubles, but I really don’t have any unique allergies.)

closeup of woman in silver drop shoulder dress

Will It Exhibit By means of Your Clothing? I tried using this boob tape bra with this smooth Halston Heritage robe since it’s the variety of costume that likes to spotlight each and every lump and bump on your entire body. Whilst you could probably guess that I had something underneath the costume if you appeared at my chest extremely carefully (but why are you on the lookout at my upper body that carefully?), no standard non-chest-starer would have discovered anything out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t use this (or any other) trick underneath silk or satin, however, considering the fact that individuals fabrics display practically everything. And I would only use it beneath a darker colored and heavier scuba cloth.

woman in long silver dress with high slit

The Verdict:

Would I have on this day-to-day, just to get a deep plunge blouse to operate? Hell no. It’s industrial tape. On my boobs. But for an celebration, as extended as likely the excess mile for clothing is some thing that you’re down for (and likely, let us be frank, applied to), this trick is a Godsend. Just after twenty many years, I have realized that I can finally don all individuals backless, strapless, plunging neckline dresses and tops, and I am so, so, excited.

Reward? It is affordable AF. Unlike those people high priced and worthless adhere-on bras, my roll of Gaffer Tape price tag me underneath $20, and it’s likely to last me the future 10 years of boob tape magic (or till I forget about it in a resort space somewhere).

So, APW… have you tried out the Kim Kardashian Gaffer boob Tape Bra Trick? Tell us, how did it go for you? Have you observed a stick-on bra that… ahem… really will work? Drop that in the remarks, way too. Share the awareness.