The 10 Top Tips For A Perfect Groom’s Speech At Your Wedding

The 10 Top Tips For A Perfect Groom’s Speech At Your Wedding

You or your partner might not have a way with words and might find it difficult to express how they feel about their spouse, so there’s no wonder that there are many ways a groom can under or overdo it in some aspects of their speech.

However, it doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to do. As clichéd as many speeches can be, most of us have either been in or heard about these speeches, which may be lacking and should ultimately have fun.

Below are the ten best tips that can act as a checklist of ways to make a groom’s speech more original, fun, and memorable, which you’ll come to cherish as time goes on.

1. Acknowledge The Important People In your Life

This can be a difficult part of the speech because there’s not just your new spouse, but there are people like bridesmaids, friends, parents, the best man, ushers, flower girls, page boys, children (if you have any), and any absent people.

This way, the people who have helped plan and be a part of your wedding know they are valued and can be an excellent way of thanking them for their role.

2. Know How Long To Make Your Speech

You might have witnessed a speech that just felt like it was never going to end, and the problem is that many grooms might not know how long to make a speech or may not have practised it firsthand.

Your speech should ideally be between 8-10 minutes long, and here you want to account for any laughs or breaks in the speech into the time, as sometimes, simple is best.

3. Delivery Is Important

You can use cue cards, read from a sheet, or be bold and memorise the entire speech, so however you decide to deliver it, make good use of any keywords that can help prevent any mental blocks that may disrupt the flow of your speech.

Be sure to pick up on things such as posture, as you will likely be standing for the speech, so you want to avoid slouching or not maintaining eye contact with your guests.

4. Keep Jokes Lighthearted And Simple

Jokes in any capacity can be either hit or miss, but to improve their landing, avoid any that might be obscure and may only be understood by a few people.

It would help if you kept stories short, appropriate, and funny, which can make your personality shine through.  

5. Focus On What Makes Your Partner Unique

Focus On What Makes Your Partner Unique

Many speeches from the groom can use overarching statements about their spouse that might sound overused.

To avoid this, use examples of how your spouse shows these, and the bride’s family is bound to notice and realise you understand her.  

There’s bound to be a wholesome example of when your spouse did something you remember as why you love and appreciate them so much, so don’t be afraid to show a little bit of vulnerability with yourself in the speech.

6. Keep Details Simple To Improve Clarity

For those who might not be great at public speaking, their nerves show in their speech because they tend to over-explain stories or anecdotes, and if this sounds like you, keep the address simple so as not to give yourself any unnecessary stress. 

If you have a story that takes too much time to set up and explain, see if there is a way you can cut to the central part while making it understandable and relevant to your point.

7. Structure Your Speech Carefully

For structure, you can use the benchmark of 1.350 words, and if you’re reading this back and it feels like a slog to get through, consider taking some sections out and making it so it is enjoyable to be heard by your guests, but you also don’t want to rush through it either. 

The 10 Top Tips For A Perfect Groom’s Speech At Your Wedding

8. Use Ice-Breakers For A Relaxing Atmosphere

Using a few one-liners can be a great way to have your guests engaged in what you say, and avoid overdoing it by dropping in some hints of sincerity in there by letting them know what it is about your spouse you like and how your life has changed for the better since they’ve been in it.

9. Keep Your Speech Original

It can be tempting to use a template or have someone write it for you, but the issue with this is that they can sound too generic or formal, and they won’t understand your spouse as well as you do, so having something that comes from you will be appreciated by all. 

10. Finish Your Speech On A High Note

This is where you usually toast the bride or make an aside for the best man to make his speech, but you want this section of your speech to be all about your partner, and people like bridesmaids can be referred to and given a toast earlier in your speech.

Final Thoughts

Alongside these, you want to keep a positive mindset, and if you smile, your guests will notice this air of positivity and begin to unwind.

After all, they have taken the time out of their day to be at your wedding, so the least you could do is make this occasion positive.

You can also run through it with your best man, film yourself, or speak it in front of a mirror, and here you can see how you would likely deliver the speech, and you might notice ways to improve your delivery, posture, and mannerisms.  

With this advice at hand, you can have a fun speech, a bit cheeky, romantic, and cheerful, as this is an occasion that many people will remember for a while after, so making it memorable is paramount.