Surprise Your Guests With Something Unexpected

Surprise Your Guests With Something Unexpected

As you plan out your wedding day timeline, you will notice key moments throughout the day where there is a natural lull. Sometimes this is right after the ceremony, during the cocktail hour before guests enter the reception venue, or right after dinner. These are the best moments to surprise your guests with something unexpected! We’re talking about unique and surprising wedding day entertainment that nobody will see coming. If this is something you’re after, take a look at our fabulous list of ways to surprise your guests!


Enthral them with magic

Who doesn’t want to have their mind blown? A magician is often thought of as a cheesy skit with someone pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Not these days! Hire a fabulous magician, mentalist or mindreader to enthral your guest with a unique and mind bending experience.

Recommended Magicians: Andy James, Jack Wise, Kristian Grey, Aidan Murphy, Carl Campbell, Shane Black, JD Magicians, Black Gambit

Recommended Mentalists and Mindreaders: Jamie Skelton, Oisin Foley, The Wedding Hypnotist


Get them laughing

Get your guests laughing with an immersive comedy experience and they will never forget it!

Recommended Comedians: Jack Wise, The Wedding Comedian, Dale Thomas, Scruffy Entertainment


Provide fun photo opportunities

Why not hire two Alpacas to keep guests occupied and amused with selfies and photos? The Alpacas are well socialised and can be dressed up with a tux and veil or flowers.

Available at K2 Alpacas


Entertain them with a performance

A well-choreographed performance is sure to create everlasting memories for you and your guests. Whether you arrange a drum performance by The Hit Machine Drummers; a dance performance by XOD Dancers, Celtic Dance Fusion, or Twist of Irish; or you enlist the help of Viva School of Dance or Michelle Alonzi to help you create a dance you can perform, you will knock your guests’ socks off!


A piece of art

A picture is worth a thousand words! And that’s why wedding day art is so powerful. Create a beautiful piece of art with the help of Wedding Art or Linda Byrne, or bring in the fabulous Andrew Goti, Niall O Loughlin or Mark Heng to create hilarious caricatures of your guests!


A personalised poem

Not everybody has a way with words, and if that’s ok, don’t worry! Instanza and A Speech in Rhyme are the professionals who help couples create beautiful personalised poetry that can be beautifully woven into the readings and speeches. Sometimes surprising your guests with an unexpected special moment is the best surprise of all!


Keep their phones charged

Do you want your guests to take photos and videos throughout the course of your Big Day? Well, a practical way to help them do this is by offering charging devices for everyone to use. Battery stress is a real thing! And with Vadio, you can add a special ‘Thank You’ message that your guests will see on their phone just before the chargers start working.


Party like it’s 1929

Anybody who loves playing records from the 1920s through to the 1950s will appreciate this cool new idea based on old technology! With The Gramophone Social, you can transport your guests back to a magical time, as well as having the visual impact of two gramophones on display.

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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.