Summer Romance Turns Into Happily Ever After

Summer Romance Turns Into Happily Ever After
Summer Romance Turns Into Happily Ever After | Rocky Mountain Bride

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November 9, 2022

Summer Romance Turns Into Happily Ever After

Wyoming Wedding

The Couple

Hanna + Anthony

Love Story

“Anthony and Hanna met 10 years ago when they both serendipitously decided to work at HF Bar Ranch during their college summers “off”. In 2011, Anthony was a sophomore at University of Denver and was invited by his best friend, Peter, to come with him to work at HF Bar Ranch over the summer. With no other summer plans up his sleeves, he said yes! The following spring (2012), Hanna was a sophomore at Colgate University and was amidst the frenzy of all of her peers applying to “New York City Summer Internships” which sounded….terrible to Hanna! So, she went out on a limb and took the recommendation from a family friend to apply to work at a guest ranch in Wyoming, why not?! When Hanna showed up at the ranch for the first time, dinner time was almost over, so she was directed towards the kitchen area to the “zoo” (?!) where she could meet others and find the leftovers of the staff meal. Anthony was working the dish pit that evening. He locked eyes with Hanna, stuck out his soapy hand, and introduced himself, “I’m Anthony. Welcome!” As the fairytales go…. the rest is history! After the two “got to know each other” in the midst of the small college-age staffers that first summer, they became magnets to each other and enthralled by the palpable energy that they felt when together. They spent their days off together adventuring down remote, long, bumpy dirt roads to find fishing holes and hop along on river rocks. Ending these days with world’s-best jalapeno poppers (location not to be disclosed), and maybe treating themselves to a cold one at the mint bar AND an oreo blizzard at Dairy Queen on the drive home. Blissfully exhausted, falling in love. Throughout Anthony and Hanna’s relationship, there were some personal and trying times of discovery and reflection over those 10 years leading up to their marriage. There was a lot of time together, and also some important and formidable time spent apart. The time apart eventually wove the two back together, as a stronger unit, as a homemade quilt made more beautiful and more whole with each individual square stitched together. Advice to couples? – Read Priya Parker’s “The Art of Gathering” before planning your wedding. Get clear on an aligned purpose! Wedding planning can throw you in a million different directions and it is very stabilizing to have a true purpose to return to again and again. – Get clear on your aligned personal values and relationship values. These become so critical as you enter into a new phase of growth and evolution together and separately. – You don’t HAVE to do everything together! In fact, the age-old-saying “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is true! When you are both able to invest in your own joy and happiness independently, you will be the best versions of yourselves when you are together and in creation of your future. – Fiercely celebrate each others’ wins in a way that feels good to them (not in a way that you think would feel good for you!)”


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