Spring Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are little items that could mean less vital in planning a wedding. Although not mandatory, wedding favors have become a significant part of every wedding. They have been an essential part for the preparation of the wedding, thus it pays to give them a proper attention. Especially today that most weddings are theme-based, you can easily carry out the reality of the message by simply using favors. It also make sense to give something to your guests before they go home – a remembrance of your wedding day. These little keepsakes should reflect not only the theme of the celebration but also both of your personalities.

One of the easiest weddings to plan is a Spring themed wedding. Spring is a great season to get married, wherein flowers are blooming and there’s a lot of vibrant colors that can be used for a very special occasion. Spring symbolizes a new life, love and fertility which is why there are many couples who prefer getting married during the Spring season.

For a spring wedding, you can use many classic colors for the decorations and flowers such as white, cream and pastel colors like pink, sky blue, lavender, yellow and yellow green. Fresh spring colors such as peach, teal and green are also great choices for a spring wedding. Aside from the dresses, flowers and stationaries, wedding favors must also blend well with the Spring theme. Here are some ideas you may consider:

Springtime is blooming time. Your love blooms as flowers does. It creates a wonderful scenery with lovely flowers and plants in vibrant colors and scents. To match your wedding favor, use matching pieces such as floral-shaped scented candles to give a spring-like ambiance to your wedding party.

Be creative, you can use fresh season fruits that will not only delight your guests, but also create a great decoration on the party tables. One best idea is to have matching sets of fruits – in this case you may opt to green pears. However, if fresh fruits are not possible, the souvenirs could be ceramics or made of glass or silver.

Be more into nature with birds, butterflies on your wedding keepsakes. Bring the theme onto the gifts by choosing whimsical wedding favors like candle holders with little birds or bees buzzing around. It could be your choice to customize the holders. You can also find card holders with silk butterflies, birds, or dragonflies that will clip the card. Be more creative to really pull out the theme. You can even have napkins and wine glasses with accents that look like Spring.

Having a theme makes your wedding day more fun and memorable. It also helps because you can easily decide what decorations to use.Spring wedding favors and other themed wedding favors come in so many choices to choose from, which can be edible, decorative or useful. Search online to see some more unique wedding favor ideas and other wedding supplies that you will need to complete your big day!