Something Borrowed – Bridal Veil

Something Borrowed – Bridal Veil

An ongoing question among modern brides is “Can my veil be my ‘Something Borrowed'”?

The answer is: Yes. Out of the entire bridal outfit, the veil is one element needed to complete the look that the bride is going for. What’s ironic is that even if the veil stands as an icon for the bride, it can be borrowed as long as it is suited to the gown and the bridal theme.

Most brides do buy veils or get the ones which come as a set along with the wedding dress. It is purely okay to do so. But for those who are going piece by piece at their own wedding, why not make your veil your something borrowed? If you have been to a friend’s wedding or if you know someone with a great bridal veil, it would be their honor to lend you their veil. The memories that come along with the veil will be treasured forever. Who to borrow from? Your matron of honor or your elder sister might have a gorgeous veil hidden away in a closet, have a great girl bonding moment and talk it out with her.

If you are wondering if there’s a way of altering a borrowed veil without re-doing it until it’s unrecognizable, there are several ways. Here’s how.

Sparkles are your best friend. Try adding (or removing) sparkles to make the veil look more updated. It will look like the veil was made for the gown, a perfect match complementing each other.

Update the edges. If you want to make the veil more dramatic or make it match your theme, ribbons come in different styles, textures and shades. Use delicate scissors and needles in making over the veil and make sure the alteration can withstand the whole day’s pressure.

Set out for minor placement modifications. Your sister placed the veil at the bottom of her bun with a tiara fastened around her hair. Opt to go the other way and get the veil to be placed on top of your head with a tiara comb to anchor it. Same veil, different style – even Aunt Jane won’t notice that you borrowed it.

Revamp the tiara. If there is any kind of hair accessory attached to the veil, updating it would do the trick. Attach a new tiara or comb and see that a little goes a long way with this option.

So now that you’ve got your “Something Borrowed”, you can now go ahead and worry about the rest of the list. In this way, it’s hitting two birds with the same stone and you get a precious piece of family memorabilia to be treasured forever. Keep in mind to inform the owner of the veil about any changes you might make to it. Also, be extra careful in repairing or altering the veil – buying a replacement veil for the veil that you borrowed is simply too much to handle for a bride. Keep it simple and remember that the day is about you and the love you share with your groom.