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Simple Methods For Personalizing Your Wedding Invitations

Simple Methods For Personalizing Your Wedding Invitations

Since wedding invitations are the first intro your guests will get to the tempo and concept of your wedding, make certain that your invitations are as transparent and special as your wedding will be. Follow these easy steps for personalizing your invitations.

First, use invitation wording that mirrors you and your family’s attitudes, beliefs, and personalities. People are sick and tired of reading the same old phrase on invitations. The popular phrase emblazoned across the annals of bridal magazines, and history in general, is the following: “Blank’s parents request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, or son.” Consider new and innovative ways of saying the same thing so people don’t feel lukewarm about attending your wedding. Pull them in with invigorating, personal phrases that suggest warmth and kindness and a special call out to them especially. Here is a good example:

Because you have witnessed our beautiful child grow up along with us, Name and Name invite you to partake of the spiritual blessing of our wedding day.

Another good phrase might be the following:

Mr. Name and Mrs. Name lovingly and happily invite you to the marriage of their daughter, Name, to Name. There will be festivities, a reception, and a reception dinner to follow. Wedding favors are mandatory. Gotcha!

That last bit has a little humor because people read the word mandatory and think they have to do something. However, all they have to do is show up and accept the wedding favors. Humor and love can humanize and personalize your wedding invitations.

A second way of personalizing your wedding invitations is to designate the place where you live with some special importance. If your hometown or wedding location offers some sentimental boost to your heart, then make it known on the invitation. If you live in the Australian outback, use a kangaroo. If you’re going to a beach destination for some fun in the sun, use images of seashells, the surf, or sand castles. For Western weddings, use cowboy boots and hats. If you’re at a romantic spot for the wedding, especially if you’re flying in guests to go there, use that scene’s romantic architecture. You can’t get more romantic than the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, Holland. You can also use your favorite paintings or movies if you’re an artist or movie aficianado. Anything that evokes your personality or your partner’s preferences are ideal. Your guests will get a real sense of who you and your spouse really are.