Selling an Engagement Ring: Why, How, and Where


There are a number of situations where by you might want to promote an engagement ring – some uncomfortable and some alternatively innocuous. No matter of why, individuals seekers have established a secondary marketplace for pre-owned engagement rings, and there are lots of possibilities to sell. If you have to have to unload an engagement ring, you have loads of solutions.

Why Promote an Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is extra than just a piece of jewellery: it is a image, a guarantee, a commitment. Engagement rings are selected with care – purchasers generally commit hrs seeking for a piece that is just ideal for their potential partner.

So an critical query is why you’d want to promote an engagement ring in the initial spot. If they’re so significant, what’s the cause for having rid of it?

Referred to as Off Engagement.

Sadly, things do not normally perform out as prepared in issues of the coronary heart. An engagement can be referred to as off for several explanations: family problems, lies coming to the surface, economical difficulties, dwindling romance, and additional. No matter of why, the conclude of any engagement ordinarily gets rid of the need for an engagement ring, and a earlier fiance or fiancee will want to get rid of the jewellery.


Divorce may well be one particular of the most painful things anybody can working experience. An engagement ring can be a very agonizing reminder of a failed relationship, and providing it can not only recoup some hard cash but get rid of an emotionally billed piece of the connection.

It Was not What They Genuinely Wished.

Because engagement rings are 1 of the most important items of jewellery you are going to at any time obtain, it’s vital to get it proper. If someone is not happy with the initially ring they acquired, it is a great choice to provide it and go for a little something that fits.

It’s Previous Loved ones Jewelry.

Sometimes you may possibly appear into possession of an engagement ring that isn’t yours! It’s possible you acquired it from an estate sale, or inherited it from a relative. If you simply cannot uncover a spot for it, these pieces can be quite exceptional and for that reason highly sought after – excellent for the secondary market place.

Worthy - Resell Your Engagement Ring

Do Men and women Actually Acquire Employed Engagement Rings?

Of course! It could seem to be like obtaining a employed engagement ring carries lousy luck. Superstition aside, not all engagement rings appear from partners who didn’t operate out. In some cases a man or woman just required a distinctive ring or could be having rid of it right after someone’s passing. Still, others may well not essentially be used at all, but overstock that sellers are offloading.

Equivalent to acquiring a made use of auto, the value proposition of a made use of engagement ring can’t be ignored. Investing a lot less on a ring frees up revenue for other priorities or economic plans. Assume a larger wedding ceremony, a more time honeymoon, or just regular living bills for newlyweds. The sustainability aspect is also attractive to some purchasers of made use of engagement rings. Given that there are no questionable supply chains or environmental techniques when purchasing utilized, it appeals to individuals who worth a sustainable decision.

How Considerably Can You Get?

It can be really hard to say precisely how much you’ll get from advertising an engagement ring. Having said that, an critical stat to be aware is that a typical diamond engagement ring will resell for all around 20-60% of its authentic price. Hold in mind that this is the pure resale price tag. If you promote to an outlet or pawn shop, you will normally get less as they just take on the do the job of truly marketing the ring.

Ring value is generally decided by the benefit of the stone, which is why diamond rings tend to have the optimum resale price. Diamond worth is established by a range of components:


Diamonds comply with trend trends, and sure types drop in and out of fashion about time. Vintage layouts like round designs stay regularly well known, whereas marquise or coronary heart-shaped diamonds are fewer in need.

The 4 Cs:

Minimize, colour, clarity, and excess weight. Most likely the most important of these is lab-developed compared to all-natural diamonds, with natural stones professing significantly extra benefit. Some reduce-high-quality stones are also “drilled and filled.” This suggests they are stuffed with a distinct substance that tends to make them seem far more pristine. This is an attractive possibility when purchasing new on a price range, but a single that can lessen the resale value.


This is how a diamond’s origins can be authenticated. Some higher-conclude brands inscribe a microscopic code into the base of the diamond, assisting with authentication and, for that reason, resale benefit.


Not just of the stone itself, but of prongs, the band, and any accessory stones. Nicks, dings, and cuts can all affect your appraisal.

Other products can provide for considerably fewer. Morganite, for instance, can promote for 10% of a diamond of very similar bodyweight.

Another matter to hold in head is exactly where you initially bought the ring. Jewelry suppliers promote diamonds at a markup this is how they make their revenue. They’re also salespeople and may possibly use “creative” methods to inflate the real benefit of the diamond when marketing it to you. So never be stunned if an appraisal comes in at considerably significantly less than what you compensated.

Worthy - Resell Your Engagement Ring

In which Can You Sell an Engagement Ring?

The used engagement ring marketplace is very varied, with many in-human being and on the web options obtainable for possible resellers. There is consensus on a person issue: avoid selling to a pawn store if attainable. Because pawn shops are created on a business enterprise design of absorbing chance and paying out hard cash, you will get appreciably considerably less for your ring there. Pawning a ring is only suggested for desperate circumstances, and even then, it’s smart to get it back again later and resell it somewhere else.

Professional Suggestion: Get Your Ring Appraised First

Before accomplishing everything, you should really have the ring appraised by a qualified jeweler. A pawn shop or community jewellery store can present an appraisal, but it is essential to choose treatment to get the greatest worth for your ring. If there’s a ton of prospective cash at stake, heading to a dedicated appraiser is your finest option. Organizations like the Countrywide Association of Jewellery Appraisers make it simple to obtain a competent professional in your region. An appraisal is rather cheap at about $50-150, and the tiny upfront cost can pay out off in getting you a improved offer.

Try Your Local Jeweler

If you go into your nearby jeweler with a utilized ring, you may get an offer on the place. Having said that, considering that numerous jewelers favor to sell new rings, you may possibly get a pretty reduced provide.

Online Engagement Ring Resale Marketplaces

Your very best wager is to provide on a devoted online market like I Do Now I Really don’t or Worthy. These providers are focused fully to the made use of jewelry industry and supply the infrastructure and experienced direction to get your ring to a consumer as promptly as achievable.

Generic On the internet Marketplaces

You can also test offering the ring you on eBay, Craigslist, or a equivalent on line marketplace. But bear in head that these marketplaces deficiency the authentication procedures or specialist stature of a correct reseller. Your ring’s benefit on one of these internet sites may be much additional subjective. Offering high-priced jewellery to a stranger also comes with apparent protection hazards. So be certain to meet in a public position and be extra watchful.

In Conclusion

So, now you know very substantially all there is to know about offering your engagement ring. If you’re hunting for a safe and sound and reliable put to get the best price for your ring, one particular of these alternatives must work very well for you. Thanks for subsequent our guidebook on how to market an engagement ring!

Join us in the neighborhood to chat about all matters engagement rings and advertising made use of wedding day products!

Worthy - Resell Your Engagement Ring


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