Reveal Breathtaking Precision And Beauty With Laser Cut Wedding Stationery And Invitations

Reveal Breathtaking Precision And Beauty With Laser Cut Wedding Stationery And Invitations

One of the most beautiful and diverse new wedding trends is laser cut wedding stationery, invitations, wedding accessories and wedding favors. By thinking beyond standard letterpress printing or engraving, with laser cutting you can show your guests something truly innovative and unexpected. Add a new sense of luxury to your wedding festivities with some of the laser cut ideas below.

Wedding invitations and stationery are no longer limited to just ink on paper. Laser design adds a new sense of three-dimensionality and offers a breathtaking reveal once invitees open the envelope. The laser cut wedding stationery look is created by using a laser to burn intricate shapes into paper products or thin material such as wood veneer. This process is achieved by using an intricate machine called a Paper Blaster that is driven by a personal computer.

Laser expressions stationery and wedding invitations have unique, high impact designs that include many additional personalization options such as initials, monograms, names, etc. With the many intricate and pretty details available with laser cutting, you’ll have your guests raving about the unbelievably beautiful invitations they’ve received.

Laser expressions stationary is a classic example of “less is more.” By incorporating exquisite laser cut details into your wedding invitations you can layer both colors and designs, for an incredibly unique, intricate and stunning look. Individual designs can even be created for separate parts of your invitations or stationery, such as a laser cut monogram for the front of the invitation with a laser cut overlay on the inside. Because laser expressions die cut cards are available in so many shapes they can be used to reinforce plenty of wedding style themes.

Not Just Invitations

Laser design can be utilized for nearly any and all aspects of your wedding, including place cards, free-standing signage, wedding decorations, wine charm alternatives, box wraps and more. Decorations dut with lasers create atmosphere, reflecting beautiful and intriguing patterns of shadows onto tabletops, especially in proximity to candle light. We’ve seen laser cut place cards in the shapes of leaves, butterflies, Adirondack deck chairs and different shaped baroque frames, and in colors like lavender, pastel pink, white, ivory, black and Tiffany blue. You can even find laser carved glass snowflake tea light holders that are ideal for adding instant warmth to winter wedding decor. These frosted glass holders with laser carved snowflakes in a silver interior create a beautiful glow – place them onto tables tops at ceremonies, receptions and bridal parties.

Why not get laser cut personalized monogram baroque box wraps with your new shared initial to add charming extravagance to each of your guests’ wedding favor box? They add a personal and elegant touch to favor boxes that say “thank you for sharing this once in a lifetime day with us.” Or surround each guests’ name in a precisely cut wooden frame to let them know where they will be sitting. For a fun alternative to wine charms, consider perching a laser expressions die cut card, each with a guest’s name on it, on all wine glasses. Some of these laser die cut cards come in shapes like roses, begonias, pansies, daisies, peonies, shells, starfish, seahorses, hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterflies and more. They also come in fun colors to match your wedding theme like tiffany blue, black, white, pastel pink, ivory and lavender. Best of all, they double as wine charms and place cards!

Not a big fan of traditional wedding cake toppers? Get a picture, symbol or phrase that’s symbolic to both of you laser cut on a thick piece of cardstock or lightweight wood. It’s not only a fun twist on tradition, but a sweet memento that you can frame or display later. You can also have special wedding decorations laser cut specifically for your wedding with a monogram or design that can be placed on tables or hung throughout the venue. Lasers can be used for cutting complicated designs into nearly any material, so the only limit to what you use in your wedding is your imagination!

Laser expressions stationary is modern and playful, yet elegant and relatively inexpensive. Laser cut designs generally need a longer lead time than regular ink-printed accessories, so for a one of a kind look for your wedding stationery, invitations and décor that creates wonderful atmosphere, consider the ultramodern and sophisticated look of laser cutting now!