Planning Your Wedding – This is Not a Good Start For a Happy Marriage

Planning Your Wedding – This is Not a Good Start For a Happy Marriage

Why is it when planning your wedding – you will notice most wedding arrangements involved are nearly always directed towards the brides needs. Some women tend to forget that there is a bridegroom who needs looking after i.e. wanting to look his best (handsome) on the same day as the bride is to look her prettiest.

Well guys when your wedding plans are in motion – I am afraid it is the bride that comes first in most cases, however – you fellas need to look on the bright side because, when the love of your life stands along side you at the altar dressed all in white or ivory and her sparkling tiara holds her wedding veil in place, it is then you will realize when planning your wedding took place, your wife-to-be made every effort to make this day special for you – just by looking radiantly beautiful.

When planning your wedding it is best for the couple to be together when finalizing any decisions on who is to attend the marriage service (ceremony) i.e. guest list, or where the reception is to be held or where the honeymoon destination will be. It makes sense to see eye to eye on specific matters on particular events so as not to argue before the marriage vows are pledged. It is not a good start to a happy marriage (relationship) should you and your future husband – disagree on matters when planning your wedding.

Careful planning right down to the last little detail will entail applying some common sense on to your wedding-to-do-list. Wisdom also prevails at a time like this “Learn by others mistakes” for example not to go over your budget. Spending more than what you can afford can be disastrous. Planning well ahead of time will and can surely make your wedding day an extra special occasion.

Cost effective weddings can be just as grand as one you had paid through the nose for.

Take the bridal gown a very costly wedding accessory of which can set you back hundreds of pounds even reaching a thousand and over – of which you only get to wear once, so bear this in mind and consider buying a second hand wedding dress. A used bridal gown will have only been worn once – so you could say the dress is as good as new. When planning your wedding, and counting the pennies is a top priority then down size on how many tiers of wedding cake is to sit as a centre piece on the wedding breakfast table.

Wedding cakes are baked with an assortment of ingredients – rich in taste and texture, but not to every ones taste or liking, so therefore to please all the wedding guests and your pocket – why not have a sponge cake decorated in piped cream and edible tiny rose buds. By doing this you will have filled the bellies of all as well as your pocket. The savings from not having a caked baked with mixed fruit i.e. orange/lemon peel, marzipan etc can be put to better use. Another money saving idea in getting you to the church on time is to consider swapping the vintage Rolls Royce to a smaller vehicle adorned with ribbons.

Remember – once the bride lifts up her gown above the ankle displaying her leg and the neat fitting brocade wedding slipper – all eyes will be on her and not the transport she arrived in.
The bridal bouquet is an important accessory of which you will have had on you`re to do list when planning your wedding but however this also can set you back a few bob. Why not create your own; a hand held bunch of fresh spring flowers or summer roses is very attractive. Hold a clutch bag decorated in bloom buds or hold a bible.

When planning your wedding remember that common sense will have you jetting off into the sunshine on honeymoon to the destination of your dreams with the extra pennies you saved.