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Online Dating, Marriage Success – Adding Your Soul Mate to the Rhythm of Life

Online Dating, Marriage Success – Adding Your Soul Mate to the Rhythm of Life

Searching for the Right Notes

Like the notes on a sheet of music, life is rhythmic. Even though people may come and go, and many things may change, you are eager to at some point, hear the whole concerto. I knew that the notes missing in my life would be found when I discovered my soul mate. I hoped to make life’s rhythms enduring.

Being a novice in the world of internet dating, I was initially hesitant about sharing my personal information online. I did not know what people would be interested in or how much I should actually reveal. To help me overcome this obstacle, I began to search for success stories of other users. The outcome of my search was hugely inspirational.

I soon found out that I wasn’t the only cynical first timer out there. Cynderella (her username) and her current husband first met in a chat room. Being from a small town in a rural area, she did not have many dating options. Her friends suggested that like me, she should try internet dating.

Cynderella met MJ after just one week. He sent her an emoticon expressing interest and she looked up his profile on the dating site. She was intrigued by what she saw and responded. Over the next month they were to constantly email and IM each other. Finally, the time for taking the next step came and they decided to meet offline.

MJ lived in another state so Cynderella flew to meet him. As soon as she got off the plane she knew she had found her match. “I went from being a nervous Nelly to a self confident woman who would fly across the country to meet a man. Online dating really empowered me to take control of my life. Luckily I found my soul mate and we are now happily married…and living in the same state” says Cynderella.  Despite the absence of the glass slippers, the music played loud and clear for all to hear and see.

Enjoyable Surprises!

As I continued my investigation I came across Mark’s story. Mark first met H2O when still in college. He was surfing the web with some friends when they stumbled upon a banner for a dating site. Just for laughs, they decided to explore the site.

Later that same night Mark’s friends made a bet with him. They said they’d wash his athletic gear for a year if Mark could get a date on the online site within a month. Mark took up the bet.

He signed up and created his profile and chatted with several women, being honest with them the whole time and explaining the real reason for his being there, most women found this offensive…bet and all.

Mark’s despair grew and hopes of success withered as month end drew nearer. Not only would he be washing his gear for the year to come but that of all his friends as well.

With two days to go Mark stumbled upon a profile that caught his attention. He emailed her and they chatted for the entire night. H2O was from a nearby town so they decided to meet at a local movie theatre. “The bet seemed irrelevant to her ” Mark says “She has a great sense of humour.  Barely 6 months into dating each other we were sure we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We got engaged and are to be married in 2010.”

Loving the Music

In my research I uncovered many success stories but also found some situations that clearly showcase the  problems one must be careful to avoid. Mad4You met a man online who matched nearly every single criteria laid down, so much so that she found it almost unbelievable.  “After chatting just a few times, Mad4You says she was very attracted”.  However, a problem that she did not expect was to arise. If a man say’s he’s divorced from a previous relationship it doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t married now!

The number of single parents looking for love online surprised me. It has been reported by many singles that they’ve found their perfect matches with other single parents. In case you find true love, just make sure that your kids are compatible too!

Yellowtutu met the man of her dreams online. She was a single mother with 3 teenage children. Digthis, in turn, had 2 sons from a previous marriage. They chatted and otherwise communicated for months before letting the kids know.

However, on their first date, Yellowtutu’s oldest daughter fell totally in love with Digthis’s oldest son. The attraction was mutual and they met secretly for over a year without letting their parents know. The kids told their story when Yellowtutu and Digthis decided that their relationship wasn’t working out.

“It may not have worked for me but I am able to justify my experience with this man and not feel I wasted my time. His son and my daughter are still madly in love, they’ve been married over 3 years and given us 2 beautiful grandchildren” says Yellowtutu. I realized that despite my focus being on finding my own soul mate, online dating can take unexpected turns.

…yes life is filled with rhythms.  When your search comes to an end, the music can overwhelm you.