Margate Adventure Activities

Margate and the Kwazulu Natal South Coast is the perfect holiday destination for not only the family but also for travelling groups of adults in South Africa. This area has become a holiday hotspot for these groups of adults including large parties of holidaying friends and work colleges on team building exercises. The reason for this is the affordable accommodation and the wide range of exciting activities that can keep them entertained throughout their stay.

There are the usual activities enjoyed by adults in the area, such as spending time relaxing on the South Coast’s beautiful beaches. However the beach also provides some exciting adventure such as surfing, deep sea fishing, deep sea diving, shark cage diving and whale watching.

There are many local businesses in the area that offer these services. Surfing instructors will take groups of beginners for surfing lessons and get you riding waves before the end of your stay. There are also several businesses with boats available for fishing charter hire. An experienced skipper and crew will take you to the best deep sea fishing locations for your chance to get your big catch.

There are also several other boating crews available for hire to take you whale and dolphin watching. This is truly a life changing moment for most when they experience the magic of these giants of the deep. You may also wish to experience another of the deep sea predators close-up in the form of shark cage diving. This too is an absolutely thrilling experience not to be missed when visiting the coastal belt.

Another oceanic adventure activity to experience from a boat is deep sea diving. There are several dive schools in and near Margate which take groups of divers to see the world renowned reefs in the area. Aliwal Shoal and Protea Banks are two dive reefs to be named, that should not be missed if you are a certified diver visiting the area. You may also wish to get a diving certification yourself, if you do not have one. These local dive schools have some great instructors for training beginners.

A host of thrilling adventure activities is also available at the Oribi Gorge. A 165m swing which is the highest swing in the world will get your heart racing as you plummet from a cliff edge above a large waterfall. You may also want to view the waterfall from a different angle whilst abseiling down the cliff. There is also a zip-line, paintballing and white water rafting as well as a feast of other choice activities near Oribi Gorge.

Some may want to take a helicopter flip from Margate and experience the spectacular views of the KZN and Eastern Cape coast line. A truly a unique experience as your speed through the canyons and view some of the waterfalls that descend straight into the ocean. You could also experience the coastline at a reduced speed and go horseback riding on the beach.

The list continues for the thrill seeker on holiday in Margate. For more info on adventure and great holiday accommodation deals in the area please contact our team at Hoblimar.