How to Program a Barn Dance

Barn dances have develop into quite well-liked for all kinds of activities from wedding ceremony receptions via to corporate activities, birthday parties and village fetes – even promenade nights!. I consider their recognition is because of to the fact that people today of all ages love these events similarly. In this article is my guidebook to planning and running a productive party.

The Venue

Barn dances seldom consider put in barns, so there is no overpowering need to go and uncover a helpful farmer and get him to lend you his barn. In truth barns can make extremely weak venues (except if exclusively geared up or made for these situations) as there are often no facilities these as bogs and so on. They can also have a tenancy to get a small cold and they can be really dusty when the dancers get started to kick up the dust from the ground except if the barn has been meticulously swept and cleaned beforehand. It is occasionally far better to decide a venue this kind of as a village corridor, faculty hall or a significant resort. If the barn dance is for a wedding ceremony then a room in the lodge where the wedding ceremony reception is currently being held is commonly the norm. The band will also will need home to set up their devices. Check with them how much equipment they have and how considerably room they will require. You wouldn’t be able to get say a five piece band with a drum-package onto a phase that is only created for a duo. Always make positive that there is sufficient area for the dancers to dance. A barn dance will want a greater dance flooring than a disco. Request the location how significant the dancing area is.

Picking out a band

Most barn dance bands have a internet site these days wherever you can hear snippets of their songs or see videos of their stay performances. Pick your band to match the event and the very likely flavor of your visitors. Remember that a barn dance band also has to be listened to as nicely as danced to.

Barn dance bands appear in an array of distinctive forms from the classic accordion, guitar and fiddle arrangement to the additional rock and roll type electric powered barn dance bands. Most bands will sing a tune between the dances so that there is usually some amusement all through the dance. The additional rock and roll end of the bands will generally have a several rock and roll figures for the end of the evening and be equipped to “blend points up” a little to accommodate every person.

When picking a band it is real to say that you get what you spend for. Do not decide on on price on your own. It may possibly be much better to spend far more than you predicted to get an evening that absolutely everyone remembers for all the correct explanations and not the completely wrong ones. Almost all barn dance bands come finish with a caller, but always don’t forget to ask if this is the case. Make confident your bands products is PAT tested and the band has Community Legal responsibility Insurance policy. This is getting obligatory in lots of venues and all barn dance bands must have these coverage.


Most dances have some kind of food for the attendees. It can be a uncomplicated buffet, a hotpot or even a hog-roast at a larger sized event. The foodstuff break is generally planned to be about midway in the proceedings. So if the dance started out at 8pm then the buffet would start to be served all over 9.30pm. Some venues insist you use their very own caterers. Check out on this beforehand.

You will also will need a bar at your occasion. There are exceptions this kind of as church socials and many others exactly where this is deemed inappropriate. Inquire if the location has a bar or irrespective of whether you will have to provide a single in to protect your function.

What takes place during a barn dance?

The band will get there in sufficient time to set up their tools for the barn dance and do a preliminary sound look at to make sure all is effectively. Whilst the dance may perhaps have been specified to commence at a sure time a band are not able to perform if not adequate people today are there on time. This is some thing that constantly desires to be taken into consideration.

Before the evenings leisure commences, the Caller will speak to the organiser to do a ultimate check on the commence time, and the timing of any breaks etc. It is standard for the band to carry out two separate time period with a split in the center.

During the dance your attendees will be necessitating a couple of rests between the dances.Most bands entertain with tunes among the dance numbers to make sure that there are hardly ever any awkward silences. Throughout the interval, among their first time of general performance and the future, the band generally gives qualifications music on their sound technique. If not, then the venue can generally offer this for you.

If a buffet or incredibly hot food is to be served throughout the evening, the interval is normally the most effective time for the refreshments. This is also usually the time organisers to make any speeches or give any items or prizes.

Make absolutely sure your bands tools is PAT analyzed and the band has General public Legal responsibility Insurance. This is getting compulsory in many venues and all barn dance bands should really carry these types of insurance coverage.

When the efficiency commences, the Caller will invite the guests on to the dance floor and will “wander via” all the barn dance moves ahead of the genuine dance begins. Pursuing graduation of the dance, the Caller will go on to get in touch with out the moves during the dance (so no 1 requirements to have a fantastic memory). And recall, errors only include to the enjoyment and jollity!

Barn dances can be excellent entertaining for all ages. Delight in setting up your occasion!