How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Do it yourself wedding invitations have never been more popular and everyone understands why. If you are one of the budget savvy brides to be, you may want to make your own wedding invitations. You can easily save several hundred dollars by creating your own wedding stationery.

Your first decision will be to determine who is hosting and therefore, who is extending the invitation. The following are common options from which you can choose:

  • Bride & Groom Inviting
  • Bride’s & Groom’s Parents Inviting
  • Bride’s Parents Inviting
  • Groom’s Parents Inviting
  • Children Inviting
  • Commitment Ceremony
  • Deceased Parents
  • Second Marriage
  • Divorced Parents
  • Destination Wedding – Las Vegas
  • Destination Wedding – Tropical
  • Destination Wedding – Winery/Vineyard
  • Winter / Holiday Wedding

Wedding Invitations are essential. You must send out something in writing so that your guests will know the details of this very important day. You will also need to know how many guests are planning to attend and you will receive this information from your wedding responses. Your wedding response cards are mailed back to you with the number of guests planning to attend, or their regrets.

If you have graphic design capabilities, they will come in handy for the designing of your invites. If you are not a designer, there are many excellent wedding invitation kit templates available that are simply download, type your info, print and mail. It is entirely up to you as to how you approach the design aspect.

You will need to very clearly include the essential wedding information:

  • Who is getting married
  • Who is hosting the wedding
  • Where is the wedding
  • What date is the wedding
  • What time is the wedding
  • The after wedding activities (reception, dance, etc.)

An example of a wedding invitation with the Bride’s Parents hosting follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alexander
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Jasmine Grace
Jason Thomas Jackson
son of
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jackson
Saturday, the seventeenth of July,
at four o’clock in the afternoon
Two Thousand and Ten
Saint Anne Catholic Church
621 Sicard Street
San Diego, California

You will need to decide upon the wording for your response cards. If you have special menu selections available, you can ask your guests to choose. An example would be a choice between Salmon and Filet. You will also need to receive a count on the number of people attending. This will be included on your response card. Finally, you need to ask for a reply by a certain date. This is normally at least 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding.

Please respond by June 17, 2010
M ________________________
__ Accepts with pleasure
__ Declines with regret

A Reception Insert card is also a consideration.

If your invitation includes both sets of parents names, plus your own, and a lengthy location description, you may want to include a separate card. An example of a wedding invitation reception insert follows:

Reception at six o’clock
Grand Ballroom
Marriott Hotel
8757 Rio San Diego Drive
San Diego, California