How to Make Your Own Flower Seed Wedding Favor

How to Make Your Own Flower Seed Wedding Favor

Making your own flower seed wedding favor items has many benefits, including saving cost and having a lot of fun. Let’s see how you can do that.

A wedding is an expensive affair to say the least. On the other hand, it is also your very special day that you want to be absolutely perfect. You probably want people to remember your day for many years to come.

One of the decisions you need to make is what to give to your wedding guest as favors.

You could buy pre-made favors, which will save some time but will also cost more money.

Making your own wedding favors enables you to give your wedding guests exactly what you want. By giving them a packet of flower seed you give them something that they can use. Something edible as wedding favor seems to be the norm. However, once consumed the wedding favor is forgotten.

With flower seeds, when the flowers bloom your wedding guests can admire them and remember that they received the packet of flower seed from you at your wedding. One can say that the beautiful flowers will remind friends and family of the blooming love between you and your spouse.

Pick the flower seed to be of flowers that can be planted during the next planting season following your wedding. It’s of little use if you give your wedding guests a packet of flower seed during summer that can only be planted the next spring.

Give them flower seed as a wedding favor that can be planted in fall if your wedding is in summer, and flower seed for planting in spring if your wedding is during the winter.

To make your own flower seed wedding favors, the first thing you will need to buy is bulk flower seed.

Do not buy the small individual packets. It will be far more expensive than buying in bulk.

Secondly, you will need cards for the personalized message to your wedding guests and small containers to hold the flower seeds.

For containers you can consider tiny wedding favor buckets, small rectangular or triangular boxes, teeny-tiny shopping bags or beach bags, or any other suitable container that will fit your wedding theme.

Make sure that you buy the cards and containers from a wedding favor store, so that your wedding favors look professional and not like something picked up from a dollar store.

By involving friends and family in assembling your flower seed wedding favors, you can have a lot of fun.

You can even turn the “manufacturing task” into a series of social events where you can chat about the upcoming wedding while making your own flower seed wedding favors.