How to Make a Graduation Gown For Your Child

How to Make a Graduation Gown For Your Child

When your child is looking at graduating from kindergarten or even preschool you want a way that they will be able to be proud of their achievement. This is why you should make them a graduation gown just like the one that they wear for their high school and college graduations. This will also give you a sense of pride that your little one is growing up and then entering into a whole new world for them. However, when you are looking forward to making a graduate gown for your little tyke, there is no reason why you would need to break the bank in order to achieve your goal. To make your child’s graduation gown you will just need to follow the simple and easy instructions below.

First of all, you are going to want to measure your child to find out if they are going to need either a small size gown or an extra small size. You will also need to use this information even before you order the material for the gown. A child that will need an extra small size gown will have a 22 inch chest, 24 inches at the hip, and they should be at least 38 inches in height. Your child will need the small size if their chest is 25 inches, and they are at least 47 inches in height.

The next thing you are going to want to do is search for a choir robe pattern. You can do this through your local fabric store or on the internet. There are a variety of different stores on the internet that will be able to help you find the pattern that you are looking for and at a reasonable price. Your local fabric store may actually be more expensive.

Then you will need to check with your child’s teacher to get the specifications on the type of material and about the color that they will be using for the graduation ceremony. You need to also be sure that you ask them if the gown needs to have a contrast color or any other accessories you may need to add to the pattern. You can ask for fabric samples that you can choose from to help you make your final decision on the type of fabric you choose to use.

You can then go and purchase the amount of fabric that you are going to need from your local fabric store. You are also going to make sure that you purchase the necessary supplies such as, thread, buttons, zippers, and any other items that are located on your particular pattern envelope. You can also search through the various fabric stores or graduation gowns suppliers that are located on the internet as well to help you get the best deal on the overall cost of the fabric.