How Not to Have a Beach Wedding

How Not to Have a Beach Wedding

With the sand between your toes and the waves crashing in the background, beach weddings are beautiful and elegant, and even tend to be much less expensive than weddings in traditional, indoor settings. When planning your beach wedding, there are some definite dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Beach Wedding Advice for Brides

Avoid princess style gowns or gowns made of heavy materials such as satins or silks. Stay away from excessive bead-work and glitz. Instead, choose simple gown made of lightweight, breezy materials such as chiffon, crepe or cotton eyelet. Though long dresses are still certainly beach-appropriate, avoid a long train that will drag in the sand. Sand is also a factor when it comes to footwear as you walk down the aisle. Do not wear heels or you run the risk of sinking in the sand, twisting your ankle or falling. Feel free to wear sandals or even go barefoot. For your hair, avoid a style that is too stiff or overdone. Wear your hair down in loose curls, or pin it up in a loose yet elegant chiffon. When it comes to a veil, skip it. Not only do veils not compliment a beach wedding, but they become a tangled mess when caught up in the ocean breeze. To avoid looking like a beekeeper on your wedding day, pass on a veil and opt for a flower pinned behind your ear instead.

Beach Wedding Advice for Grooms

Grooms should avoid traditional full black tuxedos. Instead, look for sport jackets and pants in light neutral shades such as whites, tans or taupes. Grooms and their groomsmen can also skip the jackets altogether and even leave their shirts un-tucked for a laid-back beach feel. Look for shirts and pants made of light cottons and linens for extra cool comfort.

Always Have a Plan B

When planning your beach wedding and reception, do not count on perfect weather. There is no way to guarantee that it will not rain, so plan accordingly. Avoid beach resorts that do not have an indoor option. Look for a resort that will be able to move your event inside or under a tent if weather conditions should turn unpleasant.

Beach weddings are an excellent choice when planning your nuptials. And though they tend to be more informal than traditional weddings, you can still have the wedding of your dreams without sacrificing style or elegance.