Homemade Wedding Invitation Ideas

If you need wedding invitation ideas or if you want to do your own wedding invitations in an easy and inexpensive way here are some helpful tips. It is not necessary to have expensive wedding invitations made in order to have them look nice.

You may not be familiar, but many stores carry “do it yourself wedding invitation kits,” and they are actually quite attractive. These wedding invitation kits look very clean and professional. It might be a great option for you to use for your wedding invitations. You can finds these kits at places like Target, Walmart, Office Max, Michaels, and Amazon. I have found that Walmart and Amazon have both the best price and selection.

The kits can be as simple as a decorative piece of card-stock with a decorative envelope. This will give you the freedom to decorate and design the invitation how you like, and still have your invitation look clean and professional. If you don’t want to bother with sprucing up the invitation yourself, you can find upgraded kits that come with all the extras. However these kits are more expensive. Most these kits will also come with an rsvp. If your not doing an rsvp, it is not a waste. You can use it for your Thank You notes, or to write directions, or to say where you are registered.

A few ideas to jazz up your invitation:

-Incorporate vellum paper

-Add embellishment like jewels, buttons, bows, silk or paper flowers

-Attach your picture in a creative way; sew it on with a button, tie it all together with a ribbon or a strip of card-stock, or attach it with a decorative wire clip.

-Keep it tasteful and don’t get too carried away.

Something very important to consider before buying your invitations is the cost of postage. Think about the size, the weight, and if the invitation is flat. One little bump or hard item on your invitations is and extra 16 cent. If the invitation cannot go through the feeder, it will have to be done by hand. That just one little bow, or knot and it adds up very quickly. So you might want to use embellishment that are flat. Think of doing something with lace, or using paper and making a flat pocket rather than adding a rhinestone or a button. I would suggest you go into the post office with your invitation and have it checked before you send it out. You don’t want to chance it, aside from the invitations not all getting out, they can get beaten up pretty badly.

It is also really easy to print them yourself. A little tip… do not separate the smaller card-stock before printing. If you are not good with computers, and need a little help you can take your invitations into a place like Office Max to get it printed and formatted for you. It is quite inexpensive and if it doesn’t turn out, it’s not on you. They will pay to replace them, if they don’t turn out. Be careful with a laser printer and card-stock. If the paper feels slick, chances are you will need to use an inkjet printer. The laser printer will smear right off.

Another option when choosing your invitations is to use a photo center. At a photo center you can make a customized greeting card. This can be a very simple and inexpensive option. You have probably seen or even used the photo center at Walmart, Costco, Target, or Walgreens. They have computers for you to use to customize your prints. All you have to do is upload your picture, pick a design, and create a greeting card with your picture and information. Don’t be intimidated if you have never done it before. It is very simple and you can get help along the way. The Cost at Walmart of a 5 by 7 greeting card is 75 cents, but remember you still would have to get pictures printed if you went another route.

If you are creative and good with scrap-booking you may want to design your own invitation. If you decide to go this route. It is likely it will get quite expensive and be very time-consuming but they can look fabulous. I strongly advise anyone who isn’t familiar with scrap-booking or that isn’t artistic to stay away from this option.

Remember, don’t be afraid to ask for help you would be surprised how eager your friends and family are to help.