Here’s EXACTLY What a Wedding Favor Is (+ Why It Matters)

Today we’re talking about wedding giveaways for guests: what is a wedding favor? What are some small gift ideas for wedding guests? Plus, one of the most asked questions: what do most couples spend on average on their wedding favors? We’ll tell you! Subscribe now for the latest to your inbox.

If you’re wondering what a wedding favor is, we’re here to help. You probably haven’t even given much thought about wedding favors until now as you plan your celebration. If you’re unsure what a wedding favor is, what makes good small gift ideas for your wedding guests, and what couples spend on average on their wedding favors, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the answers plus examples of the best favor ideas for your guests.

Let’s discuss it!

What is a Wedding Favor?

In its simplest form, wedding favors are small gifts for wedding guests. They are little tokens of your appreciation for coming to the wedding and celebrating with the couple.

You’ve probably been to a party where you’re given a party favor before; a wedding is the same way, however, the favors are themed around the couple.

What are some small gift ideas for guests?

Some popular examples of small gifts for wedding guests include:

– delicious mini champagne bottles
– illuminating candle favors
– small lantern favors
– vintage-inspired skeleton key bottle openers

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– eco-friendly seed packet favors

what is a wedding favor

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– personalized wine glass favors

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what is a wedding favor

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– matchbooks
– olive oil
– succulent plant favors
– soap
– coasters
measuring spoons
wine bottle toppers
– cozy blankets in bulk for guests
– dance-ready flip flops
– comfy flats for wedding guests
… and more!

The key to a good wedding favor is one that is useful. If you choose useful wedding favors, your money will be well-spend because guests will enjoy them. If you want to take it to the next level, choose memorable personalized wedding souvenirs, perhaps with an element borrowed from your wedding location (the city’s favorite snack, a keychain, postcard, etc.)

what is a wedding favor

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If you’re looking for great deals on favors, read: 50 Best Wedding Favors 2022 (Under $5!)

What do most couples spend on average on their wedding favors?

Ah, great question: what do most couples spend on favors?

In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from $2 to $5 per guest on wedding favors. For a wedding with 100 guests, this equates on average to anywhere from $200 to $500 of your wedding budget.

For a larger wedding of 250 guests, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $1250 of your budget on wedding favors.

If that sounds like too much, don’t worry: you can scale it back a bit and buy cheap wedding favors that are not junk instead. It’s an incredible list and features many awesomely cheap finds.

There’s no need to go overboard with wedding favors and spend an extravagant amount of money. In fact, you really should think of favors as small — keyword, small! — gifts for wedding guests. They aren’t expected to be more than a tiny token of your thanks and appreciation.

What makes a good wedding favor?

When choosing your favors, you want to make sure guests enjoy them because otherwise, it will be a waste of money. Here are some tips for choosing great take-home gifts for guests.

What is an Edible Wedding Favor?

Ah, edible favors: the tastiest ones around! Whether a late-night snack or a bag of favorite candies, guests can’t get enough of wedding favors they can eat and enjoy.

Plus, there’s no need to store them for any length of time after the wedding because guests enjoy them and they’re gone.

Some suggestions of edible favors that make good gift ideas for wedding guests include cookies, cake in take-home boxes, popcorn, donuts, candy, cotton candy, cupcakes, caramel apples, and scones. Another favorite: gummy bears! These come in a cute personalized bag from here.

what is a wedding favor

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Tea and coffee favors are always popular choices. If you’re a coffee nut, you can plan a wedding coffee bar to give guests awesome take-home cups of coffee.

If you love tea, buy these in bulk to give as favors, which look beautiful on place settings.

Useful Wedding Favors

Some of the favors that guests find most useful include luggage tags, bottle openers, wine glasses, seeds, flip flops, flats, blankets, or photo strip magnet favors (you can buy in bulk cheap here) to hold guest photos from your photo booth (if you’re having one).

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As you can see, a wedding favor is pretty simple and straightforward. When you’re deciding what kind of favor to give, just give from the heart! Guests love when you tie in an element of your hobbies, the wedding theme, location, or simply something enjoyable or useful for your wedding guests to have.

It doesn’t have to be so complicated! 🙂

Hope it helps!



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