Gujarati Bride and Groom

Weddings are a grand affair but Indian marriages are characterized by elaborate rituals and traditions where the festivities are celebrated over a span of a week. India is a land of diversity so every region follows its own culture and traditions. Gujarat is one such region where marriages are colorful and bright with lots of music and dance. The wedding ceremony among Gujarati’s is held in the morning and finishes before night. Gujarati weddings are amalgamation of colors, dance and traditions.

Gujarati matrimony, witness the brides and groom wearing such attires which portrays the richness of their culture. People in Gujarat love wearing rainbow colors in their wedding celebrations. Gujarati bride mostly choose to wear a saree that is draped in the proper Gujarati style. There are two basic types of bridal sarees, one is known as Panetar, a white saree with red bandhini border and other style is known as Gharchola, a red traditional Bandhini saree crisscrossed with woven gold squares, enclosing the motifs. The colors that are mostly preferred are red which is the most auspicious color for Gujarati’s as well as old rose, peach, yellow and jade green with zari border are fast gaining popularity and wore by modern brides. Designer bridal lehngas are also the desired wedding dress.

Gujarati bride wears royal and expensive gold, kundan and diamond ornaments and spend lavishly on their wedding jewelry. Starting from the top her hair are nicely tied in a stylish bun or braid over which dupatta is attached with a pin. On the hair parting a matha tikka with a chain looks very pretty along with bindi in the centre of the forehead and below matha tikka. Heavy necklace with equally heavy earrings are worn. A bajuband is tied around the forearm and gold bangles along with glass bangles are worn on the hands. A waist band is tied on the waist along with anklets and toe rings around the feet. But, the most beautiful ornament is nose ring known as nath on the left nostril which has a long chain and the end of the chain is attached with the hairs. Finally, the bride is ready for her marriage.

Gujarati groom on the other side wears kurta pyjama, sherwani or achkan which has self work with heavy golden embroidery all over. The head is covered with a safa (turban) and the foot is covered with ethnic jootis, a type of Indian shoes worn with Indian wear. He puts bandhini dupatta on one shoulder adding color to the whole attire. These days many grooms are opting for western suits with jodhpuri collars which gives an indo-western look and is appealing to many youths today.

The bride and the groom look god and goddess when sit together for their wedding rituals. Gujarati’s spend huge amount of money on the decoration of the wedding venue, on jewelry and on clothes. The marriage rituals in Gujarati’s are similar to any other Hindu marriage where the wife’s duty is to keep her husband and his family happy and husband’s duty is to support her throughout the life. Kanyadaan is the most important ritual where the parents of the bride officially give their daughters responsibility to the groom by putting bride and groom’s hand over each other.

Thus, wedding is an occasion that every individual dreams about wishing for a perfect wedding and looking at their best.