Give the Best Farewell Party to Being Single – Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas

Give the Best Farewell Party to Being Single – Bridal Shower Tips and Ideas

Hosting a bridal shower party is not easy because the hostess is faced with the challenge of presenting a comfortable atmosphere for all the guests invited even though they don’t know each other and are from different age ranges. If you are expecting to receive the aunts, college friends, and office mates of the bride’s, then you should take note of some bridal shower tips that can make everything easier and enjoyable for all the occasion’s guests.

One of the most valuable tips to remember here is to think of a theme that can capture the interests of all the visitors despite of their different interests and background. Having party games in the program can also add up to the fun but choosing the right games to conduct is highly important. One of the most common games best for parties like this is charades because it makes people interact and loosen up to new friends. Playing background music is also important to set the party mood. In choosing the play list, it is safe to use show music or even a wedding CD to fit all the visitors.

Another one of the most important bridal shower tips is to decide the food to be prepared during the occasion. Light snacks like sandwiches, tacos, or chips can already suffice together with wine and some few margaritas. It also needs to be decided whether a buffet or luncheon style will be held. If a buffet style is to be made, it is important to locate a special place for the bride in the center of the location with the tables for the other guests radiating around her.

Also set up a table where the gifts of the guests will be displayed beside the bride. By following this arrangement, the guests can be more comfortable while they are eating and a middle place where all the activities will be held is organized. In deciding for some bridal shower give-away, some of the most popular are decorative candles, photo frames, individual potted plants, and scented soaps. These favors can be used as a centerpiece for each table at first to add more spice and fashion to the party.

One of the features of parties like this is the stripper performance. In this part of the program, make sure to add some spice to the normal strip dance like making the stripper pop out from a huge gift or a big wedding cake for instance. Also, since the age of the guests in this party are varied, it might also help to request the performer to come up with something that is still naughty but still won’t offend the older guests.

The last of the bridal shower tips is to make sure an organized gift-wrapping ceremony takes place. Set up a prominent chair for the bride-to-be, a sturdy paper plate for the shower bouquet and a writing pad for the jotting down of the gift list. As for the ceremony, ask someone to sit near the bride as she opens her gifts to write down the description of the gift and the name of its giver. Ask another volunteer who will take care of creating the shower bouquet by threading the ribbons and bows from the gifts on the paper plate.