Get a Luxe Wedding Look on a Budget

Get a Luxe Wedding Look on a Budget

When planning a wedding, there are so many aesthetic elements and details to consider. One detail that can really affect the overall look and feel of your wedding is your flowers. To help select your wedding day florals, you may consider various aspects of your day to pull inspiration. From seasonality, color options, flower availability, sturdiness, and of course, style– there are plenty of areas to draw inspiration for your wedding florals. While choosing vibrant hues can be beautiful, opting for neutral wedding flowers can give your event a more luxe look on a budget.

Neutral Wedding Flowers Give You a Luxe Look for Less

There’s something about neutral wedding flowers that just screams luxury. If you’re looking to achieve a high-end look for your wedding day, neutral flowers are the way to go.

Neutral flower colors could include white, ivory, beige, taupe, nude, champagne, or even pastels like light blush or mauve. Because neutrals are so versatile, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on specific colors that may only match one other element in your wedding décor. Neutral shades work well with almost any theme or decor style, so you really can’t go wrong. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices you have to make for your wedding, this one couldn’t be easier!

Of course, fresh flower prices can vary based on factors such as seasonality and availability, so some types of blooms can be more expensive than others. A popular flower like a peony or orchid can be very expensive, even if you choose a neutral hue. If your heart was set on fresh blooms, you may be stuck with cheap flowers like carnations if you don’t want to spend a fortune. So how do you beat rising fresh flower costs as a savvy bride and still get the look you want?

Don’t sweat it– there is a fool-proof way to get gorgeous, luxurious wedding flowers on a budget! Choose silk flowers from the stunning designer wedding floral collections by our friends at Something Borrowed Blooms!

Something Borrowed Blooms Neutral Wedding Flower Collections

In case you don’t already know about SBBlooms, they are a rent-and-return wedding decor boutique that ships beautiful silk floral arrangements and decor items straight to your door.

Something Borrowed Blooms has colors and styles to suit any wedding theme, whether your style is romantic, rustic, luxe, or laid-back. In fact, they have several fabulous collections featuring neutral color flower arrangements to choose from.

Let’s explore some of the best flower options from Something Borrowed Blooms featuring neutral color palettes for a chic yet affordable wedding décor look!

The Wren Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Wren collection is a modern floral collection that provides a luxurious look at a price point you’ll love. The collection features a romantic assortment of flowers, including white, cream, linen, and soft blush open rose varieties, paired with white and pale peach orchids. Fresh orchids can be costly and very delicate, so these premium silk orchids provide the look of this luxurious flower at an incredibly affordable price! This refreshed collection also comes with two bouquet styles to choose from, a garden cut version and a Hand Tied version with asymmetrical draping!

The Audrey Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Audrey Collection is a timeless, classic floral collection made of stunning all-white florals. Audrey features ranunculus, peonies, and hydrangeas for full, fluffy arrangements that are sure to wow both you and your guests. Audrey’s a popular gal and one of SBBlooms most-loved collections, and it’s easy to see why!

The Jane Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Jane Collection is a modern and natural floral collection that is wildly popular among SBBlooms brides. Jane features lots of interesting greenery with a variety of textures, including eucalyptus leaves, thistle, Italian Ruscus, and string of pearl. The all-white flowers include roses and peonies for a timeless and classic look.

The Taylor Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Taylor Collection is an airy, romantic floral collection that also features beautiful neutral colors. Taylor’s arrangements feature antique beige peonies, lavender scabiosa, and a variety of ivory-colored roses. You’ll also find hints of lavender among the lush silver dollar eucalyptus and lambs ear greenery.

The Sophia Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Sophia Collection is a classic floral collection for the bride who loves tradition. Sophia features soft, fluffy peonies & roses with petals in shade of white, ivory & blush. This collection also includes a variety of white & blush roses and peony buds, with gray dusty miller leaves. She’s perfect for a spring wedding!

The Bianca Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Bianca Collection is a romantic and feminine silk floral collection. Bianca features a variety of blush, ivory, and white roses, with creamy hydrangea and white ranunculus. Bianca also includes textured elements like beige pampas grass, pittosporum greenery, and curly willow that give her a slight boho vibe.

The Olivia Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms

The Olivia Collection is a whimsical, neutral floral collection with a rustic Italian flair. Olive features ivory roses, mini ranunculus, and rosemary olive bushes, making for beautiful texture and variety. She looks gorgeous alongside a variety of stunning wedding color combos including an overall neutral colored wedding.

Something Borrowed Blooms Wren Collection - Silk Wedding Flowers for Rent

Get the luxe look for less with these designer neutral wedding flower collections

It couldn’t be easier to decorate your entire wedding with this collection from Something Borrowed Blooms! Whether your main wedding color is a soft and wintery Steel Blue, rich and regal Emerald Green, or bright and punchy yellow or orange, these floral collections could pair seamlessly against a wide variety of shades. Whether you’re looking for neutral wedding flowers or something more colorful, SBBlooms has gorgeous options to suit your style!

All of the collections include every floral detail you could imagine for the big day. From silk wedding bouquets, boutonnieres, posies, corsages, centerpieces, hair accessories, pomander balls, aisle markers, and even floral collars for your dog! They also have a variety of decor items such as lanterns, bud vases, and stunning floral garlands that can be used in a variety of ways. Something Borrowed Blooms has covered every detail, and everything coordinates cohesively so getting that luxurious look is practically effortless!

Embodying the sentiment of accessible luxury, the floral collections are rented for a fraction of the cost of similar fresh flower arrangements. Choosing to rent your flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms can save you up to 70% when compared with the cost of hiring a traditional florist to put together similar quality arrangements. Now that’s #budgetsavvy!

With their easy rent-and-return system, your perfectly arranged flowers will arrive at your door three days before your wedding.

Unpack and display them for your wedding day, then return them via mail using the same boxes they arrived in with the included return shipping labels. 

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to save on your wedding flowers, choose a neutral color scheme. And to be even savvier, order one of the neutral flower collections from Something Borrowed Blooms! You’ll save 70% vs the cost of fresh florals!

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